Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Who says nothing good ever comes out of using vulgarities?

We got a freakhog distinction for shooting this documentary back when we were film students in murdoch university in 2004.

the idea came out from nowhere, with some unconventional titles. "!" was chosen because you couldn't really say it, and yet.. as a punctuation mark, it means so much. After that, the content naturally flowed..

what were we comfortable with?
what's uniquely singaporean?
does it make us special?

i think this documentary shows how language is a cultural force so many of us take for granted. And in even more extremes, cussing and swearing are language tools we use to connect with each other!


! from Brian Koh on Vimeo.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

this week in harmless? bananas! 04/10 - 11/10

i'm gonna try and maintain a weekly log at least, to remember the highlights that happened. it's increasingly difficult to maintain a daily log, and seeing some folk like uniquefrequency and vantan doing it inspired me to do the same. at least, it gives me the discipline to keep blogging, and maintain relationships. or whatever it is we do online these days.

4/11 (Sat)
i attended Social Media Breakfast 4. it was organised by claudia, derrick, daryl, sheylara, shermeen and dorothy.. and i was commend everyone on a great job. i met many familiar faces, and many news ones as well. mainly PR and Marketing people. there's been a lot of buzz around social media breakfast, and great to see more people interested in what social media is all about, and how we can make this a great experience for everyone. i share my thoughts in the video below.

Special Report: Social Media Breakfast 4 Breadcrumbs #1: Metrics Vs. Relevance from Brian Koh on Vimeo.

i was also rather blessed to attend 2008's Active Ager Awards where the Council for Third Age recognises senior citizens who embrace life, and lead fulfilling and healthy lives even in their senior years. did you know that some of them blog, climb mountains and are even rollerblading instructors? and they're all above sixty! Lordy!

5/10 (Sun)

i remember going to church, having practice with kevin matthews and recording a 'lil special something for pat law and her love. i think she does a better job explaining, so do check the link out if you wanna see what leeson's been up to. Link

7/10 (Tues)
Finally met up with some uni friends and it was great catching up. think i should do it more often!

8/10 - 10/10
Working late in the office. a bit of a bummer.. but at least things got done.

catching up with Battlestar Galactica. I watched episodes one till seven of season four. wow. and now i'm blogging.