Sunday, August 31, 2003

six degrees of turbulance
find me on am so bleedin' ashamed of myself, that i have to resort to social enhancing tools such as this. haha, but then, why don't all of you get in with the fun? you'll be amazed at the six degrees of inner seperation. spent the day downloading jamiroquai and the beatles. other interesting things would be making garlic cheese melts for lunch and going to a steakhouse for dinner with my housemates and neighbours. tomorrow is rent day. crappers.

Saturday, August 30, 2003

tip the pitcher
aye folks.
here's the order of events.
jog with adrian
entertain folk on internet.
fix sandwich
car lesson
dry laundry
go to garden city with jon and han
bought a polo tee and tee shirt for AUD55
come home
help felix reattach the roof of his 4WD with adrian
fix dinner. veal with garlic butter sauce and roast tayta chips.
entertain folk on internet again.

morrow will be better.

Friday, August 29, 2003

and they were all yellow
aye, i'll tell you how it all went! how wot went? oh man, dont be thick! this is how it went. yes, you do know wot i'm talkin aboot. yeah, so anyhows, like i was saying. ermm.. we got into the car, and he said, adjust the seat, and the mirrors. then he had these nifty foot pedals that could accelerate the vehicle while all i did was steer. so we went round the neighbourhood, terrorising the experienced ones and having a blast drifting from left to right. alas, he said it was over after an hour. and as i bade him goodbye, he adjusted the seat and mirrors, and zoomed off just like mad max, leaving me to open the front door.

so while that was done, i waited an hour, and fixed myself an omelette and french toast. my omelette had cherry tomatos, bacon, onions and cheese init. and i poured myself a cup of browne's mocha chill, which has a familiar test of the frappacino. it was a good lunch, and now.. off to the starlight express.

gotta keep moving to stay warm
cuz i'm freezing in this room
- love your way, powderfinger

Thursday, August 28, 2003

cry me a river
alright! after comin' back from kardynia shopping centre, i am now the proud owner of not one, but two bottle pourers! all those years of tipping too much olive oil into the pan, or lousily mixed drinks are over. because, this house now has bottle pourers.

the 'lil babies. not actual model
dribble dribbleno more!

let a man call his house a home
and let the man call his home, his castle

foolish games
oh wot a way to brighten the day! adrian brought over his girlfriend, jane's house dog, milo over. he's half maltese and schitzo (sp). and well, our house dog, roxie is half maltese and bishon. oh man, i guess when you do put two and two together, you do get five. they're playing, squaring off, barking, yelping, jumping and tearing thru' the house. it really is a cute sight, roxie's excitment would make any catholic high boy's enthusiasm seem chivalrous.

strange news from another star
i think i see it, mars on this cloudy night.

romantic thought of the day
because of a power nap between 2130-2230, i am still feeling active in the head (its all a facade, i know). so i just took my shower and brushed my teeth, and due to inane brain activity even at 1am in the morning, this thought popped in. whilst scrubbing my teeth after my shower, i noticed thru the foggy mirror, the flouride dribble down my chin (admit it!!). admist that, was also the unkempt mop i call hair. it was all over the shop, and you could say that i'd seen better glambo days. so then, with my brainwave patterns began wondering in all sorts of directions, this one stood out. when love begets love, we will be suchness for each other. and so out of the bathrooms with flouride dribbles and unmade hair, we will meet.

now you're a man (excerpt) - dvda
wot makes a man, is it the woman in his arms?
just because she has big the titties
wot makes a man, is it the way he fights everyday?
no, it's probably the tities..

am now that proud owner of the revolutionary comedy / porn / bad props and acting parody, orgazmo! perthlites who wanna borrow, just leave a note and it shall be shared. i laugh at my own jokes. *grin*

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

don't move
i've been up since 8:10, managed to go for a jog with my housemate adrian in the morn. after that, we zipped off to school, where we educated ourselves with our parents' money. school as usual, watched fargo for screen studies class. when i got home, i had finally completed my download and then went off to get money and groceries. i just withdrew AUD500 from the bank, but ive been reduced to AUD350 in a blink. groceries = AUD27. bottle of wine and southern comfort = AUD 46. fridge, television and electricity = AUD75.50

so while i sulked on my financial predicament, i made a good dinner to delude my current state of mind. firstly, i made baked french fries, and some chicken recipie i learnt from jamie oliver. i'm not shure if it was meant to turn out thataway, but i quite liked it. think i could modify it a lil for my liking. the butter-wine sauce was a breeze.. and really adds a distinct flavour to the dish. might try more herbs if i get the chance.

my housemates are making fun of me and my fascination with the naked chef, they're always callin' me jamie even though i don't cook or am anything like him. *sigh* i'm just tryna be an independant man who can cook. is everything a joke? *feigns sobbing* so oh well, more misadventures to come!

you want some?
nothing particularly exciting happened today. sips on bailey's. learnt how to make burgers from jamie oliver though.

my dark star pictures are up. kudos to gt for bothering to upload them.

there's a gap in between, there's a gap where we meet. where i end and you begin. i'm sorry for the dinosaurs that rome the earth. the sky turns grey, where i end and you begin. i am up there in the clouds, i am up there in the clouds. and i can't, i can't come down. i can watch but not take part, where i end and where you start, where you , you left me alone, you left me alone. - radiohead, where i end and you begin

Monday, August 25, 2003

movie pictures
yeah, i know i can be too harsh at times. but i really don't wanna see you beating yourself up so much. and i'm not much for cajoling either. can't stand here justifying my actions, it's cowardly. i don't know everything, and probably never will anymore. so pick up your pieces the way you wanna do it, my words weigh less so much more.

stop sending letters, letters always get burned
why isit that when dad calls, he must always talk shop? how's the money? we'll bank in some this week, thru bankwest.. hope you're eating and doing your laundry. i don't know, it all sounds so trivial. then when mom comes on, she tells me she loves and misses me, and i do too. but it's like they're hesitating to say more. i mean, it sounds like they wanna say so much more, but then in my own limited capacity to love and appreciate, i don't know how to cajole them into saying more.

it's funny, it wasn't like that when we were talking back home, its like.. even thru the telephone, you just know they're so far away, and they sound so distant. oh man, if only the message of love could just reach my folk back home in all it's glory. love you guys loads!

Sunday, August 24, 2003

sounds good sounds right
something to be proud of?

well then, i napped during the sermon today, i must be really sleep deprived i spose.. cuz i had six hours sleep. not enough for me apparently. and then, i had to tahan my group members to discuss our research proposal. we're almost there, but i seem to be doing it, mustnt let them down! (oh you gullible 'lil boy..) i had to nap after that. yeah, so now im kinda waiting for dinner. haha, cherylin and jessie are both cooking, im being pampered till i start doing the dishes. but yeah, i barely did any cooking this week, seemed to have gone out quite often, or getting cooked a meal for at home. the good Lord provides for us in our times of need. AUD20 till next sunday.. must control funds!

i spy in the night sky, don't i?
phobe, alora ladeh, synope, janus, so many moons.. quiet in the sky at night.. hot in the milky way..

many things happened today, but you know.. it just sounds trivial. aye.. my contemplation goes as such, that i feel today how shallow my blog feels. it'll pass, i think its got something to do with me not having written in my journal for more than a month. there's a shifting in balance of sorts. like i blog too much, but no reflections. reflections usually involve people, so the blog is not the best place to reflect of people. but lemme just say, that i've been having a swell time in perth. i love the experience, and though there are some aspects to get used to (like feeling safe in the city at night), if not, everything is calm like a bomb.

Friday, August 22, 2003

superstar dj
right, so i went off to bed at 9.30am. woke up again at 12 to meet jonathan and hand up our essays together. i don't think i'll do very well, prolly just a credit grade. argh.. i cant leave it all till the night before anymore. i'm surviving on a tank of 2.5 hours sleep, and i'm running near empty right now. so then, it was lunch at the asian caravan (again), and the freezing cold no doubt! man, it's been chilly the entire day! later on, jon and i checked out megamusic, and its prolly a fender man's wet dream. i managed to grab an LP from the salvation army entitled cast your fate to the wind - sounds orchestral for AUD1.50. no idea wot it is, but it was a steal. whoops, sms from matty to go check some pub out. i'm there, near empty.

the tides of the moon
it's bleeding 4:21 in the morning as i'm typing these first words out. in mebbe 2 hours, i might get to see my first perth sunrise. i have no idea wot awaits me. right now, i'm so wide awake. i'm sucha lousy drinker that 2 cups of nescafe and a lethal mix of adrenaline and blood in my brain, everything within me is going into overdrive. i can't wait to start on my essay, not that i can finish it sooner, but suddenly i feel i've got so much to say. wot an awesome feeling, of being this alive in the wee hours of the morning, i feel invincible, i dont need sleep or rest. i could do this forever.

Thursday, August 21, 2003

hear my train comin'
mebbe hendrix killed himself cuz he had major assignments due in the next day. mebbe that's wot jim morrison did too, the academic stress must've gotten to them. the lizard king would be sixty in our present age if he didnt take that champagne supernova. well, full steam ahead for me! due at 1600 tomorrow, i wanna hand it in by 1200. can i work the night? i feel fired up, the coal's in there, caffine is coming up. today, my research group mates didnt get their parts done, so me staying up doing my part last night was a waste, but thats no excuse for this night. hear my train comin'! had lunch with adrian and felix, then crashed at jon's flat. we then had dinner at ohnamiya with felix, matty, nic and jo. and then nina gave me snickers and jo gave me a muffin! where does this all lead..? tomorrow dosen't come today.

smile smile smile! lots to smile aboot!
me and matty
ladies and the alpha male
jo and felix
must.. get.. in photo somehow!
me, matty and nic

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

dreams with you
aye, i just remembered my dream last night. it was kinda strange, frreaky, but makes sense subconciously. in my dreams, there was two of me. i can't remember our explicit personalities, but one of me was dating this girl, and the me that i felt was me in the dream(who you are in first person) was jealous. i reckon this could be a breeding ground for psychiatrists and dream scholars. it was freaky, haha, it was like at least i knew i was dating her, but i wasn't? i am so screwed right now.

you'll be in my heart..

what movie do you belong in? (many different outcomes!)
brought to you by quizilla

i'm fookin' tarzan man!

yes yes, today is the official day. i don't care which tiime zone you're in, but i have OFFICIALLY been discharged from the bung-hole affectionately known as the Singapore Armed Forces for the next 3-4 years. to celebrate, i went out to get myself a new printer, the Epson C43UX 2880dpi for a steal at 99AUD. another chapter closed, this one never to be re-read. i can sleep easy tonight for once..

there's nothing you can sing that can't be sung
all you need is love. in a bid of nationalistic pride, i ended up at the spore link ndp03 screening gathering, pot-luck session. i made penne carbonara, and well, i suppose it was oh kay. could have been better i reckon. well, it was a pretty good time just hanging around, though the setting was albeit ambiguous and nationalistic. haha, but kudos for actually prepping a small event such as this. had a sample of everyone's cooking, haha, i wonder if people were treating it like a showcase "daymn, his chicken wings are more tender, but my presentation rawks.." i dont know, mebbe, perhaps. i was a lil stressed cooking, like concerned if folk would eat the slop i served. haha, but it was well, i guess more than half the serving disappeared. that's a good sign right?

in other news, more horrfics in the middle eastern front. terrible news.. how many more people must give up their lives and live in fear till either party is satisfied?

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

i ain't got nothing to be scared of
well, weikang has left the states. i dont know him very well, but he's always been a nice dude. i'm shure the church folk who sent him off today will miss him terribly. its also been a month or so since i left spore to come to perth. think it was oh kay settling down, thanks for your prayers. all of you. and well, to those who miss weikang, take heart because he's definitely in God's hands, and your prayers will go with him. so keep it up all of you, in the end, we're also not really all that far away. (^_^)
how you want to remember him? heh~
in happier times? (from left) jimmy!, klem, weikang, lao pol, napkin man
snapped by morgan

mom, it's my birthday!
i'm back! nope, i still am not an eminiem fan after watching 8 mile, but i think his hiphop beats/loops are great spooky things though. kickass brother. my housemate adrian has fixed our internet connection, and after a whole week, i can blog! do you know the elation i'm feeling? i can share this sorrid life with all you vouyers once again! leave your congratulary notes in the blogouts please. *grin*

i wont go into detail about wot i did during the week, wots past is past. but i just wanna say i watched bladerunner last week, and it's an awesome piece of work, no matter how you look at it.

finally got my learner's permit with nic and jonathan. this is after i was denied application on friday by anal retentive protocol. strangely enough, the worker i had a run in with on friday wasn't too bad today. she prolly didnt remember me. or want to remember it. getting the daymned A4 size paper was no easy task! we walked HALF of leach highway, thanks to me missing the stop. good thing no one complained. out loud of course. muttering is hard to hear.

so well, here i am. got a nice picture of vivian balakrishnan and a whole buncha of enthusiastic sporeans. now, i didnt attend the dialogue session he held. but i was meeting cornelius after that, and got embroiled in the process. yeap, sell my soul to the pap, now give my dad more money. peer to the right.

eager beavers with a big wig
isn't vivian a girl's name? must've been tough growing up

Monday, August 11, 2003

samurai drive
i dont know why i started putting lists up on this blog (look right) => its not so much the case of owning these things, but actually putting the strike off those very words. the accomplishment and satisfaction of oh soooooo cooly striking them off rather than jumping around like a fifteen year old declaring to the world you just got nsync's autograph. i think it really does make a difference. so best to check back when i start with the strike offs.

if you havent heard samurai drive, do it. you'll feel like a plastic doll in a mosh pit. =)

Sunday, August 10, 2003

beautiful sad songs that make you laugh in your tears
oh, dont you think that zwan write beautiful music? so today i went to church with peivn and cherilyn. had a good sermon, but am still trying to get into the swing of worship. and well, home for some more homework and a nap. we had dinner at peivn's house. haha, got duped into thinking it was potluck, so i made chicken stir-fry with garlic and mushrooms easy peasy, just dump everything in and start frying. so yeah.. the new sunday's are kinda like that now maybe. life's certainly mellowed, time to settle down perhaps? *smirk*

of a broken heart - zwan
if only i die
just once in my life
if only to try
to take a guess, to be the best
a feeling i hide
that runs this world, that keeps us alive
i want you to climb with me

until i die of a broken heart
a broken heart
until i die of a broken heart
a broken heart
until i die

the heart of a child
is in your hands now
so let's see you smile
'cause i'm not impressed with your loneliness
and it's been a while
since you forgave all your changes made
so let's count the miles together

until i die of a broken heart
a broken heart
until i die of a broken heart
a broken heart
until i die of a broken heart
a broken heart
until i die

if only i die
just once in my life
if only to try together

until i die of a broken heart
a broken heart
until i die of a broken heart
a broken heart
until i die of a broken heart
a broken heart
until i die

cigerettes and alcohol
national day. wow.. i totally didnt miss it. haha, but dont get me wrong, it at least got me thinkin' about my folks and mates back in spore. thank God that i found some new people to hang out with, thanks for your prayers. so today was kinda like, headin' down to SUBIACO with jonathan and han. checked out the NIKE warehouse, where i found a pair of ace 83's for 65AUD, but i didnt buy. to vinz : i'm still grappling with the boycott issue. anyhow, after that, it was home and dinner. man! that was swell, for 9.35AUD, we managed to pool our money for a magnificent feast! boatloads of fun. and that's where i got to know a few more people. after that, we hung out at mattie's place for drinks and crap talk. you know wot happens at crap talk sessions, some inane sense of bonding. well, it's all good! well, church tomorrow again. =) just workin' it y'know?
to boycott or not to boycott?
it's actually white with red or black trimmings?

Friday, August 8, 2003

cold cold night
boy! it was freezing when i woke up this morning! i mean, being tucked under a comfortor and combat fatigues (yes, i brought a pair of those because it is an interesting thing to wear in the house. i mean, they are pretty comfortable to sleep in. it has survived outfield wear and tear, keeping me warm at night despite soggy undergarments. plus i had been sleeping in them during the afternoons of the past year. old trusty faithful combat fatigues). anyhow, yeah, being tucked under the comforter, and then flinging it off when morning breaks results in having to grab your sister's ├╝ber fleece jacket and beanie. yeah, i'm nice and warm now with the heater blowing at my toes. a certain friend in alaska recomends southern comfort, i can see why now. heh~

and the reason i'm up this early, is because i'm doing an assignment, i intend to hand it up at twelve sharp. no problems, i've read the article one half times, and wrote down all my lacklustre points. easy peasy. but yeah, i suspect i might be suffering from ADD, that attention disorder thing. *sob* do i have a psychotic problem? am i on my way to become spore's most infamous socio-path? doomed forever, once a wacko always a wacko..

in other news. i downloaded bob's project with shaun, tat yang and melissa. it's a chilled-out piece that's kinda moloko-ish, with of course the masters themselves on guitar and bass, trading solos in a cool-setting yet not sounding out of place. and melissa, oh that sensuous, smokey voice! listen to them like you've never heard them before (if you thought all they could do was shred and sing jazz!) bravo! and three thumbs up! you also get bonus points for being people i know, so that puts you in contention for the annual awards ceremony that i do each year. *grin*

three more hours and i'll have the triumph : star wars interview if my connection stays at 1.96 kbps.

i bid thee adieu.

Thursday, August 7, 2003

strange encounters of the temporal kind one
ever wondered wot was in your tempory internet folder, especially when you're sharing your connection with three more housemates?
the wailing marleys
kiss me with forty licks
yeah, i know wot is is
le von schnitzel
matrix directed

yeah, it was fun, i'll do it again sometime.

roxy music
i'm still feeling kinda fired up from having completed my assignment that's due tomorrow. as i'm typing all this down, morgan is nit-picking my two paragraph assignment. telling me stuff, and argh! wondering if i should change now. *sigh* my first assignment.. it's like your first project in your new job. you have high hopes for it, because you think in this new life, this might make or break you. it's been a long while since i felt this way. i dont really like it. i mean, i think i put effort into it, but my tutors will probably think otherwise. bah..

well, the first perth-related picture. i've been given authorization by the pup's owner.. and so this is roxie who lives in the same house as the four of us. she's bigger now, because she's grown. (???) and she's awfully hyperactive!
puppy love

Wednesday, August 6, 2003

into the wormhole
in a desperate bid to keep my audience :
looking through
taken with morgan's cannon powershot, on the night we were at ODs.

are you such a dreamer..?
orange juice on my desk, roxie the puppy on my bed. distressed is my heart. got back from my screen studies tutorial, and was almost absolutely clueless about the entire thing. i guess i should have prepped more, but i spent more time on my other tutorial that i neglected this one thinking i could "smoke" my way thru' it. bad decision. so oh well, i have to stop putting myself in these jackass situations.. its detrimental to my tertiary education's health. i'll see you on the otherside.

spin it!
radiohead - 2+2=5

Tuesday, August 5, 2003

i fell in love with you watching casablanca
wot else can you say just after watching the movie casablanca? haha, wot else can you sing?
oh a kiss is just a kiss, in casablanca..
and a sigh is just a sigh, in casablanca

today was one of those days that just came and went. strangely enough i was having lunch with melvin and wenwei for lunch, considering they were from cjc, but we never hung out much to begin with. oh well, awkward situations resound in all our lives. had a 'lil jog just now, it's great jogging here in perth. i hope to make it a regular affair. i cooked the bulk of dinner today. fettutini carbonara in a jar with brocoli was on the menu. dont know if it passed the test of my housemates' taste buds.

here's lookin' at you kid
play it again sam
round up the usual suspects

woke up this morning and i got myself a beer
yeah, i might as well have, cuz i just plain forgot lessons start at 1130, not 1030! argh!! that's like being robbed of sleep. but only myself to blame for it anyhows. anyhow, i'm reading with wonder, how some people can just bash, bash and bash again without having anything constructive to say about the gay bishop controvasy. as one comment put it, it might be the sign of an anti-christ teaching lies and deciet. while God dosent ostracize homosexuals, his salvation and love is for everyone. but to put a homosexual, practicing sexually or not, into power over the church, is a pretty powerful statement. as if the practice is accepted. im not contradicting the Bible, because God accepts the person, not the practice. i mean, i dont know if it would be careless to say, but that practice is not you. God's always had some higher plan for you. the same way you struggle with homosexuality, might be the same way i struggle with some other sin.

haha, i just realised how the title and entry seem to be poles apart. let me just say, when i found out i had the times wrong, i just started humming roadhouse blues by the doors

juice daily
i guess the blog might not appeal to just about anyone if it only contains excepts of my daily life. yes.. i am going thru that stupid phase again where i dont know where i'm going with posting all this down. but i reckon, someone or thing is out there reading this (apart from myself).

but you know, of course it'd be swell to have sky-rocketted traffic visits. i mean, it is quantatative evidence that you might be an interesting person, and that may in turn, bolster your confidence (or ego, whichever way you want to look at it). so should i add controvosy and juiciness to the otherwise wholesome setting i have created. i dont talk about the girls i've fancied, or my idiosyncracies. i don't gripe about my friends or share gossip about people. do i create controvosy just to get the viewership?

haha, but nah.. i doubt i'll do any of that. i guess i just dont wanna go around stepping on other peoples toes, and worse, end up believing the crap i put up about myself on the internet. you know how sometimes you end up saying an exaggeration so much you actually start believing that's you. or you feel you gotta be constant with wot you potray on this public portal.

so oh well, here goes nothing :
today was absolutely freezing! then i had a pretty oh kay day at school. by the time i came home, i lazed around till i went out to buy groceries. today, i attempted to make pasta aglio olio again. it was a tad too dry and salty. but the chicken i made to accompany it was great! well, by my standards. all i did was rub it with salt, pepper, garlic and thyme. then just pan fry it. easy peasy! boiled brocoli too, man! was it tasteless. if i had butter, i wouldve melted it.

so you reckon i should start with the controvosy yet?

spin it!
arab street - who named the days?

Monday, August 4, 2003

yesterday i woke up sucking on a lemon
aye. i woke up this morning feeling better. in my laziness, i guess i only kept my prayers to the last inches of the "awakedness", and kinda told God where i think i was, but i wasn't shure. i mean, he knows me better than i know myself. so yeah, we talked, lapsed in and out of silences, and then fell asleep. and so i woke up today at 0750, and oh lordy! prepped for my tutorial questions. so off i go to school now, to get educated no less!

i couldnt post any of the above in the morning, because blogger was being a dickwat. unforgivable!

spin it!
super furry animals - it's not the end of the world

winging it
it's all so *bleh* isn't it? you know why there havent been any real serious thoughts in this blog. cuz i'm not seriously thinking. nothing to show for it. oh yeah, i can feel lousy if i want to. that's all that's in my credentials. and nobody's looking for sympathy or comfort. it's all in the past and over the hill. somehow or another, i found myself in perth, trying to lead a new life, but collapsing into the old. no worries, just wing it.

Sunday, August 3, 2003

growing attachments
well then, i wish i had a digital camera just so i could entertain this audience. images still speak louder than words(not always better). and so i apologise for the so-called lack of entertainment on this blog. i will do something about it hopefully in 5 months time when im back on spore soil. not doing much in perth at the moment. downloading vids and music, ought to be hitting the books. but now im here and also downloading cool edit pro 2.0 from haiks. soon, i hope to experiment on beats.. and either fill the bass parts here or in spore. it might work, i hope it does.

in other news, im also trying to keep my hair. it's been since jc that i had medium long hair. i hope to go further than that. haha, but i know i'll look weird, but we all have to get used to it. so right now.. it's pretty unkempt, but im just waiting for the sides to grow out. then maybe i might have a good thing going. doing pretty well in ghost recon. i'm at mission 8 now. shite, i shouldnt be revealling so much of my life, but argh! that's all there is to it.

fiddle sticks, i dont know how long i can keep this going if i dont have a constant train of thought. oh well, i brought back the page to my snippets of "poetry". really, its a lousy attempt, but if for wot strange supernatural reason you like them, you can find it on the picture link in the right table. i still havent gone around designing a new website, but i promise-unpromise it will be up and running by july next year. hehe..

Saturday, August 2, 2003

where is home?
am i just waiting to go back to spore? wot awaits back there? home? or is home here now? look, its not as if i am only entitled to one home. but i have this problem with dual lives. i know im not living a dual life, but it shure feels that way. i mean, do i expect everyone to wait for me when i touch down on spore soil again? nada. i mean, we're all living our own lives.. and i guess that's how people drift apart. when they aren't there for each other. but then again, this is only a physical absence, all of us still have certain roots in each other's lives. some roots go a long way. i'm planting new roots here now, but the ones back home go a long way.

Friday, August 1, 2003

random news and ideas
in this story of life. are you the main character, or are you just one of the extras in the tale. the reason i'm asking this, is whether you believe your own life amounts to anything? i mean, are you out there in the field making your presence felt, or are you just fading away? i'm also not saying one is better than the other, cuz everyone's gotta story to tell. but yeah, sometimes you feel gigantic, and sometimes you feel so insignificant.

sitting here lonely, like a broken man
serving my time, doing the best i can
walls and bars, they surround me
but i don't want no sympathy!
"inside looking out" - grand funk railroad

just downloaded it this morning with the live version. hot dang!

more a perfect circle goodies provided by, such as the new album's cover art! enjoy kiddos :

friday came to late
yay! friday! free day and no school! now i can spend my time concentrating on my readings and assignments! ... how i wish that were the case. went down to check out dr riki's and guitar luthier and concept music store with jonathan and en. en's a guy i got to know today from jonathan and he's a pretty nice dude. the trip to dr riki's was eventful. dr riki a bit of an eccentric frenchman, but he's very well versed in craftsmanship. and then to concept man, that store has a wide range of guitars and basses! high end range too. tried out a musicman stingray ibanez btb yamaha ne-something. well, that was after jonathan had his go. well, he's a mean mean slapper, very impressive. and unorthodox too!
well, i'm home now cuz jon has classes. and well, just waiting for the next activity's gonna be. wonder wot the folks in spore are doing tonight?