Tuesday, August 5, 2003

woke up this morning and i got myself a beer
yeah, i might as well have, cuz i just plain forgot lessons start at 1130, not 1030! argh!! that's like being robbed of sleep. but only myself to blame for it anyhows. anyhow, i'm reading with wonder, how some people can just bash, bash and bash again without having anything constructive to say about the gay bishop controvasy. as one comment put it, it might be the sign of an anti-christ teaching lies and deciet. while God dosent ostracize homosexuals, his salvation and love is for everyone. but to put a homosexual, practicing sexually or not, into power over the church, is a pretty powerful statement. as if the practice is accepted. im not contradicting the Bible, because God accepts the person, not the practice. i mean, i dont know if it would be careless to say, but that practice is not you. God's always had some higher plan for you. the same way you struggle with homosexuality, might be the same way i struggle with some other sin.

haha, i just realised how the title and entry seem to be poles apart. let me just say, when i found out i had the times wrong, i just started humming roadhouse blues by the doors

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