Tuesday, August 26, 2003

don't move
i've been up since 8:10, managed to go for a jog with my housemate adrian in the morn. after that, we zipped off to school, where we educated ourselves with our parents' money. school as usual, watched fargo for screen studies class. when i got home, i had finally completed my download and then went off to get money and groceries. i just withdrew AUD500 from the bank, but ive been reduced to AUD350 in a blink. groceries = AUD27. bottle of wine and southern comfort = AUD 46. fridge, television and electricity = AUD75.50

so while i sulked on my financial predicament, i made a good dinner to delude my current state of mind. firstly, i made baked french fries, and some chicken recipie i learnt from jamie oliver. i'm not shure if it was meant to turn out thataway, but i quite liked it. think i could modify it a lil for my liking. the butter-wine sauce was a breeze.. and really adds a distinct flavour to the dish. might try more herbs if i get the chance.

my housemates are making fun of me and my fascination with the naked chef, they're always callin' me jamie even though i don't cook or am anything like him. *sigh* i'm just tryna be an independant man who can cook. is everything a joke? *feigns sobbing* so oh well, more misadventures to come!

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