Wednesday, August 20, 2003

there's nothing you can sing that can't be sung
all you need is love. in a bid of nationalistic pride, i ended up at the spore link ndp03 screening gathering, pot-luck session. i made penne carbonara, and well, i suppose it was oh kay. could have been better i reckon. well, it was a pretty good time just hanging around, though the setting was albeit ambiguous and nationalistic. haha, but kudos for actually prepping a small event such as this. had a sample of everyone's cooking, haha, i wonder if people were treating it like a showcase "daymn, his chicken wings are more tender, but my presentation rawks.." i dont know, mebbe, perhaps. i was a lil stressed cooking, like concerned if folk would eat the slop i served. haha, but it was well, i guess more than half the serving disappeared. that's a good sign right?

in other news, more horrfics in the middle eastern front. terrible news.. how many more people must give up their lives and live in fear till either party is satisfied?

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