Thursday, August 28, 2003

romantic thought of the day
because of a power nap between 2130-2230, i am still feeling active in the head (its all a facade, i know). so i just took my shower and brushed my teeth, and due to inane brain activity even at 1am in the morning, this thought popped in. whilst scrubbing my teeth after my shower, i noticed thru the foggy mirror, the flouride dribble down my chin (admit it!!). admist that, was also the unkempt mop i call hair. it was all over the shop, and you could say that i'd seen better glambo days. so then, with my brainwave patterns began wondering in all sorts of directions, this one stood out. when love begets love, we will be suchness for each other. and so out of the bathrooms with flouride dribbles and unmade hair, we will meet.

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