Friday, August 1, 2003

friday came to late
yay! friday! free day and no school! now i can spend my time concentrating on my readings and assignments! ... how i wish that were the case. went down to check out dr riki's and guitar luthier and concept music store with jonathan and en. en's a guy i got to know today from jonathan and he's a pretty nice dude. the trip to dr riki's was eventful. dr riki a bit of an eccentric frenchman, but he's very well versed in craftsmanship. and then to concept man, that store has a wide range of guitars and basses! high end range too. tried out a musicman stingray ibanez btb yamaha ne-something. well, that was after jonathan had his go. well, he's a mean mean slapper, very impressive. and unorthodox too!
well, i'm home now cuz jon has classes. and well, just waiting for the next activity's gonna be. wonder wot the folks in spore are doing tonight?

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