Sunday, March 30, 2003

all in the name of engrish
i'd love to add this to the wonderful site of

meanwhile, enjoy the rest of the week!

the scar on my back
on wednesday afternoon, whilst i was in camp. i had this urge to take a shite. so i took my roll of two-ply scottext toilet paoer and proceeded to the john. yeh, so i entered the cubicle, threw the lid off and accidentally dropped my precious commodity(the toilet paper). and my haste to save it from the vortex of oblivion known as the toilet bowl, i reached down desperately, swiped it to the side, caught it and went on to stand up. because of the swiftness of the motion, i moved faster than my brain could think "wot about the serated edge of the toilet roll dispenser?) and so, !!ZASA!!i had a nasty cut on my back. caused by the serated edge of the toilet roll dispenser.

this is a true account and holds as one of my most embarresing situations (apart from my inability to spell correctly)

Saturday, March 29, 2003

this is my new icq nickname.
you will acknowledge me henceforth.

Sunday, March 23, 2003

well, quite a day. i've stayed awake for sixteen hours as of this entry with just six hours of sleep. i don't know, but something's defintely keeping my body going.
woke up at nine thirty.
yay, then went to meet Jeannie while she went for some church meeting. so i got to see her church for the first time. its a nifty small, cosy sorta church :) plus its smack in the middle of little india, so i'll have to say it was culturaly enriching (how shallow i am). hehe~ but its swell really, pleasantly suprsed.
we then went to have tea, literally at the baker's inn. had a not so superb ice-cream. today i find out Jeannie dosen't like strawberries. *shrug* i wonder why.
oh, then we watched the hours. now that is one awsome film! man, i gotta watch it again... there's just so much to be studied in that film. i mean, its like literature brought to screen. defintlely one of the most arty films i've seen this year. must study more aboot it. (not going into details)
haha, i guess before that we had fun sparying scents at the bodyshop. *grin*
oh, then after that, Thomas and i represented the band for Deborah's research paper on south-east asian music and we just kinda gave our points of view on certain topics. all informal, very comfortable. not bad for singapore's laziest band. haha
then, chilled with Thomas, as he went to meet his old JC friends. and well, lets just say six degrees of seperation could well hold true, because we all found out that we all knew someone that someone knew. so it's quite trippy to know that.. some dude in afghanistan knows someone that i know who knows someone else.. and...

Monday, March 17, 2003

it's an off day!
woke up at 10.30. half stoned.
sister was using the computer, but not for long.
today i downloaded a few mp3s, and they include

livonia - vengence is mine off
opposition party - impending death off
low - the misfits show (live)
cat power - he war <--- download here!!

cat power was the best, and i have to get that album! kudos to danger dan and his awsome music related site hysterical and useless for all the recomendations!

oi, guess i didnt update the layo and bushwacka! gig.
well, here goes.
i don't remember anything about it after twelve.
argh!!@!! i got so smashed... i mean, everything sounded good.

Saturday, March 15, 2003

lately this past week, i have been smitten by two motokos.
goin' down to my friend, jamie's place to chill during nights off.
once again, thank you jamie, for opening your home to losers like me and introducing romantic comedies like love hina to us.
its a very humbling experience, to learn that love hina was not about kawaii anime girls in swimsuits, but actually a romantic comedy. and well, í've been quite jaded at watching mechs blast each other or master swordsmen stabbing each other while debating on ideals.
this is light hearted and puts a smile on your face.
oh, the motoko from this story is a kendo-student who's so focused on her art, that she pours everything she has into it. the reason for this is because, her sister too was a fantastic kendo exponent, but she gave it up to follow a man. thus, aoyama motoko decided at an early age not to have any male distractions. thus enrolling in an all-girls school she has been dedicated, till one day the manager to her female dorm is replaced by... ...

and then there's ghost in the shell: standalone complex the series for the blow-out movie a few years back. major kusanagi motoko is a cyborg with a human brain. she's in charge of an elite unit known as section 9, where they tackle cyber-terrorism mainly. very future punk and a rocking soundtrack. plus, i odn't know why her cyborg designers gave her sucha killer body. *shrug*

aoyama motoko: dosen't she remind you of styra, mistress of darkness?

kusanagi motoko: violent wire-y upload

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Hi its me again... Brian asked me to update my own blog, but i figured more ppl will read this cant be bothered with the other one anymore... Ok it was a total breach of trust when he published the correspondence between him and me, somewat like the letters from Msia published in the media, but im not complaining,HA, so girls girls girls wat are u waiting for???!! *jokes*

Went for my first circuit driving lesson today, cant say i did too badly, didn't mount any curb, so thats a good achievement... Then i went down to Grammaphone to get 2 CDs, Kyoto Jazz Massive's spirit of the sun and some other outfit called Beanfield. Pretty good reviews by the shop assitant (probably to get me to buy more CDs!) From what he recommends i can tell he is more of a lounge/chill out kindda listener. Quite a pity since I was actually looking for more of dance music: house, trance kindda stuffs. But im quite satisfield with the 2 i bought, very kick ass chill out albums that i would recommend...

Then I met Lockey to kia kia (walk walk) in town, he had to take photos for some application and we stumbled into HMV, took a listen to Trendroid's Transport album recommended by Mark... Its actually quite good... but its more for ppl who like trance, though its not a real overdose of it. On the main broadcast wuz some stuffs from Jay-J and some other guy i forgot his name, but its good stuff, basically house.. Argh! so many nice CDs to get and so little money... So u can do ur bit by donating to the Help Vinz buy a CD fund.. Also on the charity list is Help Vinz get more Tshirts fund, Help Vinz buy more shoes fund and Help Vinz go overseas fund... Finally went down to pay a lil visit to Ruthie who is doing her bit for the community by shelving books in the national libary @ Orchard.. She was basically very dao and not frenly.. so we went off.... Yeah n then i came home to digest my CDs... nuff said Cheerios

Sunday, March 9, 2003

vincent the sweet munchkin
vinz is an awfully sweet person as depicted in the conversation we had today
held between 22:59-23:06

KaY hUi: if you really wanna know, i was watching National Geographic
harmless!bananas?: like rabbits. neat
KaY hUi: not as neat if she would come online now and chat with me
harmless!bananas?: you could call her
KaY hUi: dun wanna bother her
harmless!bananas?: well... thats quite neat of her (note: this is the part i confused everyone)
KaY hUi: wats so neat about her??
harmless!bananas?: don't you think she's neat?
KaY hUi: u asking me?? HULLO you do noe i like her rite?? of coz she's neat!! she's the bestest!!!

posh food for posh people
got this off

the micheal jackson conspiracy
the king of pop strikes back against the exploitative interview of last week.
but all is not as it seems.
(1) weakly he argues with footage filmed by his own crew.
why was his own crew there?
if it was there, he would have acted and said all the things he wanted to say and defend himself with.
just mebbe.
(2) the host.
just where do they get these people?
choice of words is very important when introducing micheal's redeeming factors
eg. "his ex-wife, probably the person who was the closest to mich..."
"no one was paid..."
(3) the wife. you dont know if she really got money from him or not.
(4) the music used. emotional at all the right times.
(5) micheal still shows footage he WANTS you to see.
the verdict: he's fighting back. it may be true, it may be a gimmick. but i'm with my sister on this one. over the years, he's been victimised... of the media. totally disillusioned... that mebbe that's why he's so eccentric.

Saturday, March 8, 2003

purple is my favourite colour
in our continuing series of nothing important ever happens around here:
managed to book out on friday evening cuz the company was having a life-run saturday morning.
in an insane gesture, i joined both vinz and ruthie at zouk last night.
we started the driking phase in phuture, and i guess i've lost my touch when i downed a jug of voddy and ribbena to ill but enjoyable efx.
stuck around in phuture where the were spinning hip-hop. now there's only so much i can take, so we found ourselves on the main stage where nick warren was spinning.
it was fun, but it got really fun when he mixed coldplay's clocks and then it was uphill all the wall.
nick warren spins to the crowd, and from where i was standing, could tell he was havin' loadsa fun too. mebbe it was the signing of autographs or something.

so catch part 2 of vinz's pre-ex lancer bash. next week at zouk 15 mar, where specially invited guests laya and bushwacka! will be spinning.
miss at your own peril.

next sat's guest deejays

Sunday, March 2, 2003

dread turned to a tired happiness
started the day with dread, but after service today. i guess i'm inspired to live right again.
some say its a vicious cycle. it is. and i wish we needn't turn back.
and then, i didn't hold cell group, but had lunch with morgan and vikram at breko today.
vinz is kinda "upset" that i didn't hang out with him today.
well, where was i when he watched "the hot chick" with ruth and lokey last night?
yeah.. so i had to spend the entire time continuing my warcraftiii campaign.
jammed with the band today.
starting to sound good.
sped up "eleven hours"
thomas gave "addicted to bass(name subject to change)" a new vibe. i prefer this one.
and thats aboot it.
kunz mentioned something about getting a better drummer.
well, i reckon we talked him out of it.
we'll be working on the soundtrack for morgan's film project next week.
and he gave me a super mix cd! awesome shite! luv morgan.
we're also gonna hold auditions for singers.
if you like the spotlight, and swaggering on stage... being yourself and have a voice you want the world to hear.
give us a shot! we'll voice out to the world together!
gt sent us back after that

a hassle, boiling in the midst
*sigh* im not online very often, so well, i dont update very often.
hate camp... busy next week.
confirmed place in murdoch. yay.
jamming tomorrow. yay.
booking in tomorrow. boo.
wasted whole day today. boo.