Sunday, March 23, 2003

well, quite a day. i've stayed awake for sixteen hours as of this entry with just six hours of sleep. i don't know, but something's defintely keeping my body going.
woke up at nine thirty.
yay, then went to meet Jeannie while she went for some church meeting. so i got to see her church for the first time. its a nifty small, cosy sorta church :) plus its smack in the middle of little india, so i'll have to say it was culturaly enriching (how shallow i am). hehe~ but its swell really, pleasantly suprsed.
we then went to have tea, literally at the baker's inn. had a not so superb ice-cream. today i find out Jeannie dosen't like strawberries. *shrug* i wonder why.
oh, then we watched the hours. now that is one awsome film! man, i gotta watch it again... there's just so much to be studied in that film. i mean, its like literature brought to screen. defintlely one of the most arty films i've seen this year. must study more aboot it. (not going into details)
haha, i guess before that we had fun sparying scents at the bodyshop. *grin*
oh, then after that, Thomas and i represented the band for Deborah's research paper on south-east asian music and we just kinda gave our points of view on certain topics. all informal, very comfortable. not bad for singapore's laziest band. haha
then, chilled with Thomas, as he went to meet his old JC friends. and well, lets just say six degrees of seperation could well hold true, because we all found out that we all knew someone that someone knew. so it's quite trippy to know that.. some dude in afghanistan knows someone that i know who knows someone else.. and...

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