Sunday, March 9, 2003

the micheal jackson conspiracy
the king of pop strikes back against the exploitative interview of last week.
but all is not as it seems.
(1) weakly he argues with footage filmed by his own crew.
why was his own crew there?
if it was there, he would have acted and said all the things he wanted to say and defend himself with.
just mebbe.
(2) the host.
just where do they get these people?
choice of words is very important when introducing micheal's redeeming factors
eg. "his ex-wife, probably the person who was the closest to mich..."
"no one was paid..."
(3) the wife. you dont know if she really got money from him or not.
(4) the music used. emotional at all the right times.
(5) micheal still shows footage he WANTS you to see.
the verdict: he's fighting back. it may be true, it may be a gimmick. but i'm with my sister on this one. over the years, he's been victimised... of the media. totally disillusioned... that mebbe that's why he's so eccentric.

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