Sunday, March 9, 2003

vincent the sweet munchkin
vinz is an awfully sweet person as depicted in the conversation we had today
held between 22:59-23:06

KaY hUi: if you really wanna know, i was watching National Geographic
harmless!bananas?: like rabbits. neat
KaY hUi: not as neat if she would come online now and chat with me
harmless!bananas?: you could call her
KaY hUi: dun wanna bother her
harmless!bananas?: well... thats quite neat of her (note: this is the part i confused everyone)
KaY hUi: wats so neat about her??
harmless!bananas?: don't you think she's neat?
KaY hUi: u asking me?? HULLO you do noe i like her rite?? of coz she's neat!! she's the bestest!!!

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