Saturday, March 15, 2003

lately this past week, i have been smitten by two motokos.
goin' down to my friend, jamie's place to chill during nights off.
once again, thank you jamie, for opening your home to losers like me and introducing romantic comedies like love hina to us.
its a very humbling experience, to learn that love hina was not about kawaii anime girls in swimsuits, but actually a romantic comedy. and well, í've been quite jaded at watching mechs blast each other or master swordsmen stabbing each other while debating on ideals.
this is light hearted and puts a smile on your face.
oh, the motoko from this story is a kendo-student who's so focused on her art, that she pours everything she has into it. the reason for this is because, her sister too was a fantastic kendo exponent, but she gave it up to follow a man. thus, aoyama motoko decided at an early age not to have any male distractions. thus enrolling in an all-girls school she has been dedicated, till one day the manager to her female dorm is replaced by... ...

and then there's ghost in the shell: standalone complex the series for the blow-out movie a few years back. major kusanagi motoko is a cyborg with a human brain. she's in charge of an elite unit known as section 9, where they tackle cyber-terrorism mainly. very future punk and a rocking soundtrack. plus, i odn't know why her cyborg designers gave her sucha killer body. *shrug*

aoyama motoko: dosen't she remind you of styra, mistress of darkness?

kusanagi motoko: violent wire-y upload

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