Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Hi its me again... Brian asked me to update my own blog, but i figured more ppl will read this cant be bothered with the other one anymore... Ok it was a total breach of trust when he published the correspondence between him and me, somewat like the letters from Msia published in the media, but im not complaining,HA, so girls girls girls wat are u waiting for???!! *jokes*

Went for my first circuit driving lesson today, cant say i did too badly, didn't mount any curb, so thats a good achievement... Then i went down to Grammaphone to get 2 CDs, Kyoto Jazz Massive's spirit of the sun and some other outfit called Beanfield. Pretty good reviews by the shop assitant (probably to get me to buy more CDs!) From what he recommends i can tell he is more of a lounge/chill out kindda listener. Quite a pity since I was actually looking for more of dance music: house, trance kindda stuffs. But im quite satisfield with the 2 i bought, very kick ass chill out albums that i would recommend...

Then I met Lockey to kia kia (walk walk) in town, he had to take photos for some application and we stumbled into HMV, took a listen to Trendroid's Transport album recommended by Mark... Its actually quite good... but its more for ppl who like trance, though its not a real overdose of it. On the main broadcast wuz some stuffs from Jay-J and some other guy i forgot his name, but its good stuff, basically house.. Argh! so many nice CDs to get and so little money... So u can do ur bit by donating to the Help Vinz buy a CD fund.. Also on the charity list is Help Vinz get more Tshirts fund, Help Vinz buy more shoes fund and Help Vinz go overseas fund... Finally went down to pay a lil visit to Ruthie who is doing her bit for the community by shelving books in the national libary @ Orchard.. She was basically very dao and not frenly.. so we went off.... Yeah n then i came home to digest my CDs... nuff said Cheerios

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