Tuesday, August 30, 2005

the technicolour heart never lies
and so it came to pass. test came and went, don't really know wot to think of it. might turn out good, might turn out not soo good. but i did put in a fair amount of reading, and later relied on my instincts more. as with most things in life, i could possibly tell you about it in a week or two.

somethings have gotten me stoked these past few days. very recently, i recieved an email from someone asking me to write an article for a magazine. was actually recomended by someone who actually reads this blog.. soo, wow, mad stoked. really! you know who you are, and unless you want public commendation, just write me for it. (but somehow, i think you won't after i put this in.. hahaha!)

and then gotta get a copy of trolley ride to creative box so that he can have a look.

come next month or so, my articles may actually be up for grabs at aging youth's avanti! section.

its all happening pretty fast, just glad to be able to help a little. -) *a short smile*

the gap in between your teeth
hey all, kinda sorry there's no monday post. y'see i've decided to give monday a break from the computer of sorts. kind of trying out this so that i don't put being online above God. so yeah, just to let you guys know.

gotta test in about.. five hours time? we'll see how that goes tonight.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

the power within
just feel like writing in here now because it just rocks my socks to be able to type. you see, everytime i depress my finger, words pop out on my screen. something physical gets sensed by the central processing unit of my laptop, and somehow translates that language to appear as if almost by magic. the words that i see in my mind.

and the words that i see in my mind, are just occurences of 26 different graphics that we are accustomed to as english. and by combining these words randomly, by having them spaced at different intervals, our central processing units create different meanings.

and that is wot appeals to me in music. how within a set of bound rules, a system of intervals creates one of the most fundamental expression in the medoum of music. how air moves between fingers and our ears makes our hearts beat faster.

i don't know how else to explain the magic between intervals. it is almost obscene to think otherwise. for God created the beauty in music, in the appreciation of music, in the arrangment of new music. stand in awe ye faithful servants, for there is nothing new under the sun. we are just arranging wot has been set apart for us, and arranging them in different intervals. and our lives, are a continuous montage of these intervals. like the score to a motion picture soundtrack. creation adores you.

don't just wish
practical faith is wot we are talking about. its not just the ethereal conciousness that sometimes reveals itself. its not the stuff dreams are made of, not just the holy hocus pocus. because how many times have we wished to hold something tangible in our hands, how often do we long to please God?

the pastor today mentioned something about saying you would die for God. but when the barrel of that gun is actually staring you down into your mind's eye, will you choose God over death? in that split second, will all the justifications of eternal life after death and never being seperated from the father's love actually forget itself as one desperately holds on to his or her own life?

"whoever tries to save his own life will lose it. but whoever loses his life for me shall have eternal life."

wow, when push comes to shove "faith without works is dead".

today i've had my fair share of trials. as i was chirpily driving to church this morning, a car swerved into my lane and almost took me out. i had to react by taking the lane next to me and thank God that there was no car in that lane, if not i might not be here typing this out.

but you know how it is when people have a grivience against you, and man.. it sucked. i sooooo wanted to drive up to this guy, show him the finger and basically just show him who the boss was.

just glad i didn't. for somehow, that isn't the way that a child of God would react, to go up to someone, dish out his/her own brand of justice and then.. go to church, praying to God and praying for the nations to be saved.

oh.. it does not get anymore hypocritical than that sometimes. and by feeling that much anger in my heart, i already knew that i had committed murder in my heart.

which was why it was such a blessing, to go to church, and share with folks that i wasn't feeling alright at all. to have them pray for me, and asking God to release forgiveness into the hearts of both that driver and me.

and as i was driving to church, i realised also that the car was following me, and immediately i suspected he was a member of our church. which made it even harder to go into church feeling the way i felt.

and God teaches a practical faith, of not taking matters into your own hands without first going thru him. and it was just such a tug-of-war, between seeking forgiveness and actually just letting it slide by. but the conviction was strong, to seek out that person, and act that faith out. to not let God's lessons just be some story you hear, some piece of good advice that never gets acted upon.

and so, we talked, and by God's grace, it was surprisingly calm, and easy. no one was angry with anyone, and we both apologised, for something we don't even know if we could be angry with. because God hands out forgiveness to all, when you seek it.

and so my friends, we're called to really put this faith into action, to be real christians and not a bunch of hypocrites. to be different from this world, and the opinion they form of us. because in Christ alone, we place our trust, and find our glory in the power of the cross.

and lastly, much love goes out to napkin man who flies off to Toronto tomorrow, to experience a new life. my dude and my brother, i am praying for you, and that God will grant you journey mercies and much wisdom and friendship in a strange new land. tkae care bro! trust in our Lord!

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Footsteps Never Sounded So Silent

Footsteps Never Sounded So Silent

folkstar snapped another mean picture

went down to the FTI this afternoon just to get a taste of how my friend's project is gonna look. and by the looks of things, a great set has been provided for us.

the only thing im afraid for, is that the blessing becomes a prison. but then again, prisons have a distinct character.

Friday, August 26, 2005

if you already didn't know
the future is told by the reflections we have bewteen our presents and our pasts.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

if you recieved a CD thanking you for the contribution you made to the 40 hour famine, this is the tracklisting.

01. Bloc Party - Like Eating Glass
02. Shelby - The Golden Boy
03. The Recovery Council - Advent 619
04. The Dears - The Death Of All The Romance
05. Silver Sunshine - Way Up In The Big Sky
06. South San Gabriel - I Am 6 Pounds Of Dynamite
07. Anthony And The Johnsons - Hope There's Someone
08. The Kite Eating Tree - Sighs Of The Curator
09. Lakota - Quiet Like Graves
10. Clearlake - Almost The Same
11. The Meeting Places - See Through You
12. Jesu - We All Faulter
13. Black On White Affair - Bold Soul Sister
14. Sly And The Family Stone - Family Affair
15. Jaco Pastorius - Come On, Come Over
16. Steely Dan - Do It Again
17. The Decemberists - The Engine Driver
18. Great Lake Swimmers - I Will Never See The Sun

Look Out Below

Look Out Below

folkstar snapped another mean picture

so sometimes i don't know wot i did today, but time shure as hell flew by. i remember waking up after eleven, having some food, and jumped straight on the computer. brushed up some of my html sk1llz yo, as well as send out a few emails here and there. did a bit of research for a video camera purchase they my church is gonna get.

right now its a toss up between:
Canon XL-1
Sony DSR PD-150/170
Panasonic AG DVX-100

each have their own merits and cons. but right now my heart goes to the PD-150 because of its near broadcast quality standard, functionailty and ease of use. plus its slightly more compact than the other two which might prove to be more practical to its intended use. the DVX-100 is of course very exciting with its 24fps function which simulates shooting on film as well as making post-production and conversion to film format a relative breeze. and of course the XL-1 is the old favourite apart from its bulky nature.

so yes, sucha geek post. i just signed up with something on mtvasia. very un-rebellious, and i might be giving out some of my personal information. but hey, there are some interesting contests to enter. no harm with getting some freebies, even if it is milking the capitalist cow. a person could use with a few luxuries once in awhile.

and slowly, i feel as if i'm trying to do too many things on my own. i wonder wot it is that i'm avoiding.

the danger of hurting words


folkstar snapped another mean picture

so today i existed. and made a racket so that those around me would know that i was still alive. it would have broken my heart to be ignored. the sort of panicky but silent gestures we all make as we are drowning in the ocean.

because one day these words will earn me money, because someday, these words will rule our thumbs.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

two hours till the next bird sings her song
don't think so much about the world around us. because wot can we do when the bubble bursts, and it all comes crashing down? we still fly to space in rockets, we descend the depths of the ocean with craft. we were not genetically made for these explorations, we are still imprisoned by the marvel of our own inventions. in our own little sphere that ceases to exist in the vast universe.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

marginalised and retro
my arm hurts. it sharp pain shoots through it every once in awhile. it feels as if my nerves have shorted out and are just sending signals of pain to my brain. i dislike this shell of a body that doesn't work properly. then again, i don't know wot its like to work properly.

today, i spent the hours having yum cha (yay!) for lunch with jo and merissa, and then hanging out in leederville with kang and daryl. i don't know why i didn't find out about this place earlier, but it rocks! just slightly north of the city, so its not too harsh a drive. and you don't get the bustle of it all. kinda like fremantle, but you're assured of not having the bogens ruin your day. shure you've got the snotty indie kids sometimes, but hey, why can't we all just live in peace?

had the best drink of my life this year at retro betty's. it was an avalanche which was basically a lemonade spider (that's soda with icecream ie. float), with a shot of expresso. weird sounding combination, but its absolutely fantastic! its got the spritz of a lemon-y soda, and the creamy deluxe and pick me up of a affagato. i know wot my poison us from now on..

and then i got this long sleeve shirt by ben sherman. kinda has this cowboy thing going on. which makes me glad, cuz that's almost wot im gunning for. haha, wanna get the hat, and play gigs like that.

that's another thing, finding a suitable image for m a y f l e d. cuz we're all too much like a motely crue of musicians rather than a band. i wonder if there's some fun in dressing up. maybe i just want to be somebody else. its encouraging, but usually for our crap gigs, someone usually comes up and still says that he (usually he) likes our stuff. i think i need to embark on a reason as to why i still enjoy playing with them, cuz i'm slowly feeling depleted.

went for a short jog just now as well. i really wonder if i'll ever get my fitness back. i wish it would just happen faster, but there's no such thing as a free lunch i guess.

i will pick you up/ where there are no burdens to bear/ fall into my arms/ and feel the warmth encase your weary soul/ and there are no words left to speak/ for as long as you silently contemplate/ i will be by your side/ the age of innocence has come to pass/ you will find your way back to me/ and the storm will have its light/ and the light gives way to new light/ the heavens burn with your smile/ as we sit here silently/ wishing upon a brave new world

Monday, August 22, 2005

i feel like i've got a lot to say, but i don't know how to articulate it out.

40 Hours

40 Hours

folkstar snapped another mean picture

well, time goes by and a day's passed us by. didn't really do much today, but hung out with kang and daryl in the afternoon. well, lots of catching up, and its really interesting. the licensing centre two years ago, and be here now. how time flies.. i really wonder how things will go after this semester passes us by. so many things to do, so many things to not do. black and white, right side or upside down.

we have to try.

turn away and not become

Is This Jacklyn???

folkstar snapped another mean picture

my mind's winding down a tad. had a craving for beer at jo's place just now, so i came back and got myself one. not an exceptionally good idea when you're stuffed to the brim. but hey, it was the end of the forty hour famine, so it was part of my day long celebrations!

food has never tasted good, and i feel really blessed for all the Lord has done for me.

and so, after church today, a coupla of my cell members got baptised today. it was awesome, seeing people dedicating their lives to God. it's amazing, listening to their testimonies. simple things, of how God has touched them, provided for them, been faithful to them, and how its a simple obedience that comes before him in humility.

without the doubts of skepticism, or greed to get more blessings. just the simple beautiful act of surrender. it did put a smile on my face, for wot the Lord has done in me. -)

and this is a lovely picture of kids who were swarming me and my camera, tryna get their pictures taken as well. haha, i was really surprised, to have 4-5 kids just jump all over me.

i'm soft like that.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

bleaching the sky
first off, my apologies for the short two day hiatus. was a tad busy yesterday, and i kind of came back brain dead. added effects due to the 40 hour famine that i'm participating in. havent eaten since 1pm yesterday, and tomorrow i'll break fast at 12noon. so yes, i am abit dreary. but intensity last night went well, and as usual, God is teaching loads to all of us.

anyhow, i'm going to be on the subject of the anime bleach today.

recently, there seems to have been alot of christian conotations and references in the themes discussed by this anime.

currently, the archtypal hero, kurosaki ichigo is undergoing a process where he is going to release the 2nd and ultimate level of his sword, known as the bankai (note: second opening).

the background is that the weapons that ichigo and other shinigamis (or death gods) use are called zanpaktous (soulslayers). the zanpaktou isn't just a physical weapon, but a manifestation of one's spirit force. and if that isn't confusing enough, each zanpaktou is kind of "alive" with its own spirit force and name. in order to release the first form of the zanpaktou (shikai), the wielder must be able to hear the zanpaktou reveal its name. in the 2nd step, the wielder was wrestle with his zanpaktou and force him to hand the power over to the weilder.

aside from this, the zanpaktou which ichigo wields, whose name is zangetsu is constantly telling ichigo not to rely on his own potential as a wielder, but constantly put his trust and faith into the zanpaktou, zangetsu himself.

its a beautiful picture of symbiotic fighting, where the zanpaktou is useless if it is not wielded with courage, but without a powerful zanpaktou, the wielder is not potent.

almost quite like the christian faith. where we're told not to rely on our own strengths, but to rely on God fully.

in fact, ichigo is currently going thru training to forcefully release his bankai. the training that zangetsu puts him thru, is to defeat zangetsu by choosing the right sword amongst a battlefield of countless swords. and the clue, is that each sword on that battlefield is a shard of ichigo's soul. so ichigo has to find the ONE shard of his soul that is bent on winning, or succeeding, that will not back down even if torn to pieces. and use that to wield the ultimate form of zangetsu.

its just beautiful, the significance that runs through the anime. why not start your collection today?

Thursday, August 18, 2005

my grand take on the world around us
its amazing how some of us think with our dicks and still manage to survive the gene pool. cruddy twats.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

because right now
it's really too f---in' cold to do anything. but still i'm waiting for a ride to hit the tavern for a spot of beer and some acidy jazzditty band that's got jon ravin'. can't be a bad thing right?

they say a change would do you good. sometimes i'm afraid of wot i'll change into. do we feel bad about folk in third world countries because we are sorry for them, or because it 'upkeeps' our non-existant morality? like, it makes us 'better people' to feel sorry for them, and it would be unkind just not to. just a thought, you can't bear the weight of the world on your shoulders, you can't save the world.

you could try, you might succeed. hope is a strange thing.

ladidadida.. today's society tells us that we're gonna make it, we're gonna survive the nuclear holocust and standoffs. if we do, we're just cockroaches who survived the nuclear winter that wiped the dinos out.

roscharch's and chuck palahniuk's utter nihilism do hold some truth, but yes, i still do hope that there is some light at the end of the tunnel. not in this lifetime perhaps. maybe the next.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

ths sins of our fathers
i've always liked the sound of that. people always screw up before us, we're the ones trying to set it right. it always starts of with good intentions, and then it all ends up the same horribly wrong way.

it diverts the attention away from ourselves, it allows us to divert our attention for a bit and imagine for a moment, we have got it all sussed out, i'm alright, i'm gonna make it.

take a breath, and hold it there. that's wot you're doing, not breathing. breathe in the strange distaste, how can you remember wot it was like before all this pollution? just breathe, how is your life, how was your weekend, how're your struggles and how're your pains.

oh i would kiss you to know you were alive.

one day, all this will pass, one day change will come bulldozing down out fron yards and we'll just stand and watch. music to pass life by..

Monday, August 15, 2005

Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

folkstar snapped another mean picture

oh kay, i guess i miss my family~! that's my mom and sis, and i think we were on our way to the famous kallang prawn noodle and ngor hiang. *sigh* miss them soooo..

and i finished my assignment! heaven knows wot this sense of accomplishment is. -) *beams*

nochalant conglomerates
i despise doing essays the day they are due.

in other news, the link for the dv fest has been fixed. vote for our production trolley ride here! and thanks, spread the good word, and link us to your online spaces!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

systematic toil branches into trepedition
it's a pretty amusing article to read that singapore is really short in the presidential eligibility population. wait, it almost makes it sound as if you're taking part in the New Paper's New Face Competition. does no one want to be president of singapore? i mean, taking a look at the other participants, you'd think you'd stand a fighting chance even if you owned a talking monkey who gyrates to oops, i did it again.

and lets not start on how its all just a puppet show. puppets are cool by the way, you can make them kill people.

and so, i'm just reading that my good friend napkin man is leaving for Toronto in two weeks time for an exchange program. well dude, i'm really happy and excited for you. it seems that you've really drawn the winning straws recently. haha, but in all things, i know that God's gonna be protecting you on this leg of your life, and for the rest of it as well man. and maybe you'll realise why i blog so much as well.. hahaha~!

life's slowly kicking into gear. there are so many things i wanna do, 'specially with the new video ministry my church is starting. it'll be just great working with many people, getting them interested in production work. hopefully, there will be people willing to get their hands dirty for God's work. gee.. it's all so daunting now that it looms near. once must always keep his heart in check.

and then there's worship leading at Intensity next friday. it's crazy how far God has brought me. i mean, i'm just expecting something new from him all the time, because i still don't know how to do it right. and sometimes i wonder if i ever wanna know how it all works out, because then i'll just stop relying on his mercies.

steadfast m'hearties!
"Trolley Ride" has been shortlisted for this year's Canon DV Fest. you can show your support by putting your vote into our production for the Audience Choice Award. our entry is under the Southwst District.

Trolley Ride can be found here. However, the organisers have mixed our production up, and so you might find it here temporarily.

the mixed up project is "The Story Of Hong", which is incidently produced by a Murdoch postgraduate, whom we've met in the editing suites as well. haha, oh kay oh kay, she's a friend of ours (team) as well.

so yes, show your support for young moviemakers!

Synopsis: an unwelcomed vistitor in a supermarket meets her unlikely hero and adventure ensues.

Friday, August 12, 2005

pockets of resistence
how much can you resist the evils before it finally deals you in?

all the young people say that there has to be more than this.

we're not gonna die here on this cold cold night

everything's going to change.

one way or another.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

fleeing the scene
playing bass with may fled is slowly taking its toll. i wonder if i have wot it takes to keep giving of myself creatively to this project. its mixed feelings really, i haven't altogether decided yet.

we played the campus bands heats just now, and in some sense, i do agree with paul. we're a bit more experimental, not really gonna appeal to the casual listener. and our image to the so-called 'underground' is that we're a bunch of regular schmucks, because.. haha.. i guess we don't have an image. i should just lose some weight.

but anyways, i just wonder if creatively it's going downhill. in some sense, all the new songs we've written are contrary to my earlier statement, in fact they are pushing boundaries of wot we've previously written. its just that, the scene doesn't seem to be putting back into me wot i put into the craft. or maybe i'm getting bored of bass playing. *shudder*

sometimes it would be nice to scatter yourself into different pieces so that everyone gets a part of you for themselves. you would be awfully two dimensional though.

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

looking over cypress hill
it represents something, looking across the horizon. believing that there is something else out there. more than our small town, small rooms, small dogs and small lives. out there is the real world, where women and men alike are unforgiving, but oh how they kiss you when you are king and twist you when you cease.

and all these hidden meanings, hidden even to us all. wot deems more magical, there intentioned or the unintentional. we are our gods ourselves, or merely copies of all that is around us? looking out over the hill, into the horizon: you can't see past a certain distance. it's boundry is not measure, it is infinity coming full circle.

i wish. no, i don't wish. but really, i do. i'll find you someday, or you'll find me. either way, we were meant to be together and the ends justify each of our means.

the great mountain
all i leave with you are words for you to remember. in the event that i should pass, please allow me to live a little longer, as far as you can remember me to exist. then you too shall fade, and these words will just pass us by. none of this is forever, like water drops passing time.

glenn goei's 'forever fever' was showing just now, and it was really inspiring to see a full feature-length film shot by a singaporean director. makes you wonder whether it's possible for you and your friends to do the same thing. whether or not 'forever fever' was a commercial venture with arguable artistic qualities, i think it just represents something that could be done, and has been done. that some singaporeans are more than capable of helming a project such as this. having worked productions before, i'm just impressed and somewhat glad that my fellow countrymen have had the oppurtunity to work on a project like that.

and i'm guessing i should be resting soon, with an early class tomorrow. it's a wonder why i subject myself to such torture staying awake. not for long, good night beautiful people. get away with everything..

Sunday, August 7, 2005

so maybe i'm just going to sit here and mope. or maybe i'm actually going to go and figure it all out again. but there's no end to figuring stuff out. and in the end, if you find it, do you think you'll actually like wot you see?

Who shut up the sea behind the doors when it burst forth from the womb, when I made the clouds its garment and and wrapped it in thick darkness, when i fixed limits for it and set its doors and bars in place, when I said, 'This far you may come and no farther; here is where your proud ways halt'?

Job 38:8-11

the core of the earth is probably the blackest hell, we might be afraid of our own so-called humanity. the heart of darkness, and all that lies in between our appearences and that.

sometimes it feels as though we have so many layers, so many layers of 'honesty' that we use to protect our 'selves'. because once our core gets sussed out, we become vulnerable. and it hurts as hell to be in a vulnerable position. it goes against our flesh, we want stability, we want things perfect and just right. we want things our way and we want it now.

which is why the concept of the 'transformed' life in the christian context really stands out to me now. is it really possible to live that core within each of us, underneath all those layers out in the open? in that position of utter vulnerability. that instead of your life as an open secret, it becomes an open book? the cliched, perfect christian life. where we have all our morals sussed out. haha.. how farther from the truth we are. oh kay, before we get confused, i'm not here to talk about how christian lives are not perfect. i'm just on to talking about, whether it is possible to really lead that life where our core is on the outside and not the inside. the concept of 'transformation'.

sometimes, you can't worship God unless your spirit is in tune with the Spirit of God. and then sings my soul. it's true somewhat, the spirit within us knows the ways of God, and our flesh, our old selves, they don't know these ways, they resist these ways and thus, with our flesh.. we are always tempted. our flesh is tempted day and night, but it is our spirit that ultimately gives in and sins against the Father.

so with this relationship in mind, then it is with our spirits that connect with the nature of God. it is with our spirits that actually sings, and acknowledges that he is the one seated upon the throne, reigns supreme over all. it is with our spiritual eyes that we get a glimpse into the infinte, where our finite selves have limits over, barriers we will never break. limits set in place by the divine, where perhaps our spirits trancend, God-willing of course.

and so, when your spirit starts become a reality of your faith, then the spirit in you grows, and supercedes the self of flesh. in fact, the flesh ultimate dies a natural physical death, but the spirit endures.

and so i don't know how i got started on this, because all i wanted to whinge about was the supposed spate of boredom that hits us every once in awhile. more on that another time perhaps. -)

Friday, August 5, 2005

frame the fame in a sugar jar
comedy is a difficult thing to pull off. y'see, it requires a firm understanding of all your surroundings, such an astute observation of the world around you, that you actually decide to parody it. in fact, i shall argue that some of the best jokes just aren't easily laughed at. they might be tastless, bland, corney, but you do know that what they say is more than a joke. they've chosen to give you an almost parodic reflection of the world around us. and you don't laugh when there are no pretty pictures.

comedians are very sad people.

don't screw this up
i've been listening to bloc party quite a bit this past month, and i can't help but feel that they're one of the most exciting things to pop out of the music industry in quite awhile. perhaps the last time i heard something quite so fresh was with hot hot heat.

anyhows, if your idea of good music is a return to guitar dominated rock, much like the smiths, joy division or the cure, well, bloc party just might be the band for you. all the goods are in there. i'll warn you, that when kele the singer sings, a lot of times they just don't seem to follow a lot of melody. in fact, that's one of the beautiful things about the band. everyone's apparent disregard for certain musical foundations, each doing their own thing though not deviating a whole lot away, and still coming up with an edgy piece of music that has enough pop sensibility to have you singing the chorus.

the monstrous rhythm section of matt on drums and gordon on bass really propel the driven quartet. matt's drumming is so free-for-all, it takes up a beautiful large portion of the mix. but it's his drumming that somehow makes bloc party work. the break-beatish, and blatent over drumming on a minimal kit just shines because gordon's bass colours the beat with well chosen note and groove choices. powered by a punchy and vintage precision bass tone. it's this firm foundation that allows the dual guitar assault of a strange matrimony between johnny marr and johnny greenwood ideas. kele and russel make do with wotever heavily delayed guitars they have to come up with a wonderful mix of bleak soundscapes as well as grabbing riffs. some of it simple as hell, but beautiful to both the trained and untrained ear. in that sense, they still know how to write songs. unlike some punk bands or post-rock bands who have taken their lack of ability as an excuse to play a popular movement of music. anyone can play guitar.

sooo, i have no idea why i wrote an entire eulogy for my new favourite band, but seeing that there have been a lack of ideas on this space, you will hopefully find your way into these guy's music and listen to wot i'm hearing.

Thursday, August 4, 2005

reading for breakfast
Total number of books owned:
i don't know. i'm not big on owning books. just borrow them off people.

The last book I bought:
it might have been "Kaiju Big Battel!"

Five books that mean a lot to me:
1. Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy
2. Trainspotting
3. Watchmen
4. Wild At Heart
5. The Vampire Lestat

Five people to whom become the next victims:
napkin man
ah tan

grudgingly we face the world
i almost don't feel like going to school today, but that which needs to be done must be done.

Wednesday, August 3, 2005

there is no honesty, only illusions of honesty.

well, i guess i could bore you with more philosophical fluff. but i really think that all you wanna see is this. conan o'brien makes fun of walker, texas ranger

be shure to watch every single clip! and the rest of the links ain't too bad either!

Tuesday, August 2, 2005

oh, for me?
had a bit of minor bad events this afternoon. firstly, they closed the bookshop just when i wanted to buy a unit reader. thing is, i need it for a tute tomorrow, so bad luck for me. and then, as i was about to go home, it rained this cold rain. it's not nice to go home in squishy jeans.

i will see you tomorrow.

a few nights ago
i can't exactly remember when, but i had a horrible bittersweet dream. it plagued me somewhat, dreaming of a girl i really liked in the past. in our imagined conciousness, i still hadn't gotten over her, and it was dis-heartening, to keep pining after someone even though you're supposed to move on. it was a bad dream, i don't particularly like it when things just standstill, and you don't know where you're headed. and things don't turn out well, when the good things start becoming the bad.

or maybe it just sucks when even your dreams remind you of real life.

Monday, August 1, 2005

excuse me, mr officer man
"there's a suicide in progress"

"how do you know?"

"he's just about falling off now"


the daily commuters all have there mouths agape, screaming as the blood splatters on their cotton. some with blood near their mouth.

what i'm not afraid to say
i just don't understand it. -)