Thursday, August 25, 2005

Look Out Below

Look Out Below

folkstar snapped another mean picture

so sometimes i don't know wot i did today, but time shure as hell flew by. i remember waking up after eleven, having some food, and jumped straight on the computer. brushed up some of my html sk1llz yo, as well as send out a few emails here and there. did a bit of research for a video camera purchase they my church is gonna get.

right now its a toss up between:
Canon XL-1
Sony DSR PD-150/170
Panasonic AG DVX-100

each have their own merits and cons. but right now my heart goes to the PD-150 because of its near broadcast quality standard, functionailty and ease of use. plus its slightly more compact than the other two which might prove to be more practical to its intended use. the DVX-100 is of course very exciting with its 24fps function which simulates shooting on film as well as making post-production and conversion to film format a relative breeze. and of course the XL-1 is the old favourite apart from its bulky nature.

so yes, sucha geek post. i just signed up with something on mtvasia. very un-rebellious, and i might be giving out some of my personal information. but hey, there are some interesting contests to enter. no harm with getting some freebies, even if it is milking the capitalist cow. a person could use with a few luxuries once in awhile.

and slowly, i feel as if i'm trying to do too many things on my own. i wonder wot it is that i'm avoiding.

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