Friday, August 5, 2005

don't screw this up
i've been listening to bloc party quite a bit this past month, and i can't help but feel that they're one of the most exciting things to pop out of the music industry in quite awhile. perhaps the last time i heard something quite so fresh was with hot hot heat.

anyhows, if your idea of good music is a return to guitar dominated rock, much like the smiths, joy division or the cure, well, bloc party just might be the band for you. all the goods are in there. i'll warn you, that when kele the singer sings, a lot of times they just don't seem to follow a lot of melody. in fact, that's one of the beautiful things about the band. everyone's apparent disregard for certain musical foundations, each doing their own thing though not deviating a whole lot away, and still coming up with an edgy piece of music that has enough pop sensibility to have you singing the chorus.

the monstrous rhythm section of matt on drums and gordon on bass really propel the driven quartet. matt's drumming is so free-for-all, it takes up a beautiful large portion of the mix. but it's his drumming that somehow makes bloc party work. the break-beatish, and blatent over drumming on a minimal kit just shines because gordon's bass colours the beat with well chosen note and groove choices. powered by a punchy and vintage precision bass tone. it's this firm foundation that allows the dual guitar assault of a strange matrimony between johnny marr and johnny greenwood ideas. kele and russel make do with wotever heavily delayed guitars they have to come up with a wonderful mix of bleak soundscapes as well as grabbing riffs. some of it simple as hell, but beautiful to both the trained and untrained ear. in that sense, they still know how to write songs. unlike some punk bands or post-rock bands who have taken their lack of ability as an excuse to play a popular movement of music. anyone can play guitar.

sooo, i have no idea why i wrote an entire eulogy for my new favourite band, but seeing that there have been a lack of ideas on this space, you will hopefully find your way into these guy's music and listen to wot i'm hearing.

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