Monday, August 22, 2005

turn away and not become

Is This Jacklyn???

folkstar snapped another mean picture

my mind's winding down a tad. had a craving for beer at jo's place just now, so i came back and got myself one. not an exceptionally good idea when you're stuffed to the brim. but hey, it was the end of the forty hour famine, so it was part of my day long celebrations!

food has never tasted good, and i feel really blessed for all the Lord has done for me.

and so, after church today, a coupla of my cell members got baptised today. it was awesome, seeing people dedicating their lives to God. it's amazing, listening to their testimonies. simple things, of how God has touched them, provided for them, been faithful to them, and how its a simple obedience that comes before him in humility.

without the doubts of skepticism, or greed to get more blessings. just the simple beautiful act of surrender. it did put a smile on my face, for wot the Lord has done in me. -)

and this is a lovely picture of kids who were swarming me and my camera, tryna get their pictures taken as well. haha, i was really surprised, to have 4-5 kids just jump all over me.

i'm soft like that.

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