Thursday, August 11, 2005

fleeing the scene
playing bass with may fled is slowly taking its toll. i wonder if i have wot it takes to keep giving of myself creatively to this project. its mixed feelings really, i haven't altogether decided yet.

we played the campus bands heats just now, and in some sense, i do agree with paul. we're a bit more experimental, not really gonna appeal to the casual listener. and our image to the so-called 'underground' is that we're a bunch of regular schmucks, because.. haha.. i guess we don't have an image. i should just lose some weight.

but anyways, i just wonder if creatively it's going downhill. in some sense, all the new songs we've written are contrary to my earlier statement, in fact they are pushing boundaries of wot we've previously written. its just that, the scene doesn't seem to be putting back into me wot i put into the craft. or maybe i'm getting bored of bass playing. *shudder*

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