Tuesday, August 9, 2005

the great mountain
all i leave with you are words for you to remember. in the event that i should pass, please allow me to live a little longer, as far as you can remember me to exist. then you too shall fade, and these words will just pass us by. none of this is forever, like water drops passing time.

glenn goei's 'forever fever' was showing just now, and it was really inspiring to see a full feature-length film shot by a singaporean director. makes you wonder whether it's possible for you and your friends to do the same thing. whether or not 'forever fever' was a commercial venture with arguable artistic qualities, i think it just represents something that could be done, and has been done. that some singaporeans are more than capable of helming a project such as this. having worked productions before, i'm just impressed and somewhat glad that my fellow countrymen have had the oppurtunity to work on a project like that.

and i'm guessing i should be resting soon, with an early class tomorrow. it's a wonder why i subject myself to such torture staying awake. not for long, good night beautiful people. get away with everything..

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