Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Is this the best Singapore has to offer?

i refer to a quote found here. this quote was left behind after someone blogged about his terrible experience waiting in a queue for hours at Singapore's recent Air Show

i'll quote verbatim on my blog:

"You are as stupid and as naive as they come. Let me tell you, this is where Chinese nationals are clever. Remember last time there was a budda tooth relic exhibition at expo? One china woman cunningly act blur and cut the queue from position number approx 1000 to within the first 10 persons at the main entrance. If you are not able to milk the situation for what it’s worth and turn it to your advantage, then you cannot blame anyone but yourself. The system is lousy, but you are not street smart enough to take advantage. Many people today actually just went in without tickets because they took advantage of the situation when security did not check the tickets. You are a loser, so don’t complain if you can’t beat those who cut Q."

i hope this is just a minority of Singaporeans, no, human beings who think this way. i'm no saint, but this "me first" attitude is exactly why we find society such a harsh, and unforgiving place to exist.

if you have any sense of decency, courtesy, values.. it gets scorned upon as being stupid, or we only have ourselves to blame. what results from this sort of thinking?

selfishness, unethical business practices, impatience, rudeness, apathy, hopelessness..

really, i can't think of anything positive about this behavior, and if you happen to be reading this, pay it forward, the world's a shitty place sometimes, but let's give a helping hand where we can.

Road Trip to KL

so, some of you might have been wondering what i've been keeping up to all this time. as per my last post, i did go up to KL to watch explosions in the sky. read on for our escapades!

if you feel inclined, you can check my pictures out on facebook or flickr

but i'll leave it to rudi, dewi and dhany to tell you about what you missed out on.

and here's a taste of the music that i recorded from the gig. i don't know what the track is called, but it becomes glorious at 0:27

Explosions In The Sky 100
dhany having a go at the batting cages. i love the hitting of softballs into the sunset

Explosions In The Sky 093
rudi at the end of a full swing

Explosions In The Sky 089
i love this shot of dewi right before she hits a cracker!

Explosions In The Sky 062
fake x-process yet again

Explosions In The Sky 045
quintessential group walking shot, in the heart of puduraya i reckon?

Explosions In The Sky 051
thanks for listening.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


i'm off to KL. back on thursday. ladidadida.

Friday, February 8, 2008

The Fine Fate of Steph Song: Acting in jPod

every now and then, something interesting pops into your life when you least expect it, especially when it's something you know not many people know about either.

for those of you who remember steph song, she charmed many hearts as an FHM cover girl, and later on acted in a few TCS programmes. and then she disappeared off the face of Singaporean TV.

I guess she went back to Canada where she's originally from (i read FHM articles, not just ogle).. and to prove that i read, i've been reading douglas coupland's jPod. and being from the internet generation, i google jPod to find out more about it, only to find a series was being made. i youtubed "jPod" and found this trailer:

which i then found out that steph song was acting as the jPod character, Bree, a sassy motion capture artist who tries to sleep with every man she meets (or so it says in her character's bio in the novel)

i mean, can you blame us? or her?

so anyway, my point is that: jPod is one of the better things i've been reading, and now i've just downloaded the first episode and it's currently into it's fourth episode. and this is another reason why the Internet is a valuable tool for the discerning consumer of his media. jPod, you are a geek's dream book, and now.. slightly funny drama series based on the same novel. coupland would be proud, he is after all the series's executive producer.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

crushed to dust and blown into the air

maybe one of a man's most innate fear is that he is obsolete, redundant, and basically all the things he isn't that he thought he was.

does your spine not tingle when the cold, thin fingers of fear arch their way across your back as the impending doom of non-existence looms in the horizon?

that you are not needed

that you are no longer wanted

that everything you thought you knew was a lie

of your own self-confidence betraying you

and all you're left with is the empty shell of your own prerogative?

can self validate self? is our own reality our own illusion? when stacked against the mysteries of just this universe.. truly, the cosmos are vast are we are but a speck in its awesome wonder.

in case you were wondering, and as much as i evangelise about new media, nay to you marketers and people going places.. there is more to this than just social media and the wisdom of the crowds.

there is the voice and the wisdom of God, something we have exchanged for our new gods, ourselves.