Wednesday, February 6, 2008

crushed to dust and blown into the air

maybe one of a man's most innate fear is that he is obsolete, redundant, and basically all the things he isn't that he thought he was.

does your spine not tingle when the cold, thin fingers of fear arch their way across your back as the impending doom of non-existence looms in the horizon?

that you are not needed

that you are no longer wanted

that everything you thought you knew was a lie

of your own self-confidence betraying you

and all you're left with is the empty shell of your own prerogative?

can self validate self? is our own reality our own illusion? when stacked against the mysteries of just this universe.. truly, the cosmos are vast are we are but a speck in its awesome wonder.

in case you were wondering, and as much as i evangelise about new media, nay to you marketers and people going places.. there is more to this than just social media and the wisdom of the crowds.

there is the voice and the wisdom of God, something we have exchanged for our new gods, ourselves.

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