Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Road Trip to KL

so, some of you might have been wondering what i've been keeping up to all this time. as per my last post, i did go up to KL to watch explosions in the sky. read on for our escapades!

if you feel inclined, you can check my pictures out on facebook or flickr

but i'll leave it to rudi, dewi and dhany to tell you about what you missed out on.

and here's a taste of the music that i recorded from the gig. i don't know what the track is called, but it becomes glorious at 0:27

Explosions In The Sky 100
dhany having a go at the batting cages. i love the hitting of softballs into the sunset

Explosions In The Sky 093
rudi at the end of a full swing

Explosions In The Sky 089
i love this shot of dewi right before she hits a cracker!

Explosions In The Sky 062
fake x-process yet again

Explosions In The Sky 045
quintessential group walking shot, in the heart of puduraya i reckon?

Explosions In The Sky 051
thanks for listening.

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