Friday, June 29, 2007

life, the universe and everything else in between
isn't living about the mystery? the gaps, the silence, the unquantifiable that just makes it seem worth living for?

if you had it all figured out, then there's nothing left to discover, and would you live life to the fullest when it really didn't matter anymore?

why you ought to watch transformers, the greatest motion picture epic of all time

Optimus Prime
he was always my favourite, the gentle, kind soul who is always manigmous and stands on the side of justice and good. but now, he actually decapitates the decepticon, bonecrusher in one fell swoop. that's the money shot right there. in a homage to optimus's energy axe and grimlock's energo sword.. this death move proves there's a limit to the even optimus's virtue of patience.

the crap story
seriously, why befuddle the rollercoaster ride with some stupid existentialist crap that so many films tried to follow (ala the matrix). michael bay has a lousy narrative, some cheesy comedic moments, but fantastic action sequences and transformers! LOTS OF THEM! they shoot, get shot at, stomp on each other, decapitated and ripped in two.

my mouth was open for 99% of the movie
optimus prime, bumblebee, jazz, ironhide, ratchet, megatron, starscream, devestator, bonecrusher, barricade and meagan fox. i was telling the yuen throughout the entire movie that i was losing my mind! holy shit! omigosh! that's crazy!

freedom is the right of all sentient beings
peter cullen, the original voice of optimus prime reprises his role. the deep set voice, that sounds so heavily burdened and tired of all the violence, and yet the life and passion it evokes when he stands by his causes to protect and uphold. the ultimate hero. to hear him say his other immortal line "one shall stand, one shall fall" and all the other references to the rich cartoon series that fills my life with so much joy.

proving that i'm still a fan
i watched it on opening day. NEED I SAY MORE???

this movie will blow your mind! don't worry about the story, or the new look the transformers got. don't let those prissy fans tell you how much it doesn't pay homage to the cartoon series. IT DOESN'T MATTER, and this comes from an absolute fan over the cartoon series. it's tenaciously enjoyable, and you will want to watch it again and again and again. Transformers FTW. life can be complete if you choose to.

no pictures, just go see it.

when you gotta go, you gotta go

nic says:
what colour would you like me to wear at the funeral, then?
brian. listens to joy division. what do you listen to? says:
brian. listens to joy division. what do you listen to? says:
with wotever trimmings you want
nic says:
brian. listens to joy division. what do you listen to? says:
practical right?
nic says:
would be a bit warm if we had to walk in the sun behind the casket...
nic says:
brian. listens to joy division. what do you listen to? says:
brian. listens to joy division. what do you listen to? says:
i'd be cremated
brian. listens to joy division. what do you listen to? says:
only way to
brian. listens to joy division. what do you listen to? says:
brian. listens to joy division. what do you listen to? says:
and then shot out of a howitzer
nic says:
nic says:

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Guess what i'm watching now!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Wow.. Being in the office for too long even affects those closest to us..

Does everybody own this mobile phone?

Sunday, June 24, 2007

give fight for blood

it's been too long since i sat down here by my computer and talked. or type. it doesn't matter. it has been way too long, the week's just flown by and i've barely gotten the chance to gather my thoughts. don't get me wrong, tiring as it may be, it's been a positive whirlwind, i face new challenges each day, and meet great folks during and after hours.

i suppose a part of it has been long, because i've been playing bass on monday, thursday till next monday, and who knows how many more times. it's almost like i'm a session musician after my office hours, except that i don't get paid for my work. i'm not trying to be mercenary about this, but when you're sort of in 3 bands/projects, plus playing for two services in church, it takes its toll on you.

i'm not looking for a reward, or a break, i just wanna know how its done effectively.. well, maybe i wanna know if it makes a difference, that would be the reward, to address the insecurities in my own heart, and to be validated.

i've had many brainwaves this past week, but it doesn't get blogged down, because well.. i can't publish every thought that comes to my brain anymore, and i obviously don't wanna twitter you to death. so in any case, my brain's already starting to shut down, and i really am getting slightly jaded on this whole 'being virtually connected with everyone' badge i used to wear. even if i still believe it, alone time is very important. and i'm glad i sort of had that, hanging out with yh today and just not having to think about other things, or what other appointments i might have later in the day, just kicking back to watch pan's labyrinth and whacking the PSP were all great ways to collect myself after being yanked around over a fortnight. both professionally and recreation.

life used to be a bit more whimsical, a bit more flippant even, more carefree.. after working for ten weeks, responsibilities really do make up a big part of the cross i'm carrying, and i'm starting to wonder, how much of it do i surrender to the Cross, if not everything, but with the whole fanfare of me finally being a working adult, i take some stuff to seriously sometimes.

just a thought.

Friday, June 22, 2007

If only life were this steady..

My desk

My glorious intern has taken it upon herself to beautify my desk at work. Two months ago it was a minimalist Zen like workspace, but now tastefully transformed into the bustling computer screen of digital sorta people. And nothing replaces good homemade stickers, cuz ive got the only ones now :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Conference over. Bye! It was very good, thoroughly enjoyed myself. Speakers were great :) check back here for my thoughts

iX conference

Mike Downy talks about Adobe Air and how we can integrate flash and html technologies seamlessly. Fascinating stuff.

See if you can spot your brother Lynda!

iX conference

Scratch pad. Penning my ideas and thoughts down but im unable to share my ideas without taking a picture first and moblog it. If i had my laptop, it would act as my digital hub for any form of social or new media

iX conference

Jeremiah Owyang takes the stage and talks about social media.

iX conference

The conference hasnt started yet. I Havent eaten lunch. But at least i'm not sleepy :) i didnt bring my laptop but at least my mobile's cool enough

iX conference

Just arrived at the iX conference and moblogging live from it. I guess that builds my cred aye?

Sunday, June 17, 2007

did absence make your heart grow fonder?

wow, once again it's been a tremendous week till i haven't had the time to even blog properly. and somehow, moblogging just doesn't seem to cut it as a post with substance. as such, i shall reward you with two video clips of our favourite cell leader. musical genius or comedic funny man, you be the judge:

yuen letting go on the drums

and yuen singin' opera

Freedom is the right of all sentient beings. Optimus Prime can do no wrong..

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

to write love on her arms

finally got myself a t-shirt and hoodie from to write love on her arms, which is something that i saw a year plus back but didn't think much about it till i was at the anberlin gig and saw some folks wearing the t-shirt.

it's a great story and cause, to stand alongside people in depression, cut themselves or suicidal. i don't know how much buying a t-shirt helps them, but at least we can spread some awareness about the problems that some of our loved ones go thru. plus, the t-shirt is a spiffy looking design, 'specially if you like the music that comes along with it.

Back in the day when mambo was cool and probably still cool today.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Suddenly i dont seem to recognise myself anymore. Have i changed? Or did you?

Sunday, June 10, 2007

A well kept secret along east coast road. Some of the most down to earth vietnamese fair in the heart of chilled out east coast of singapore.

we're touching it again

maybe there's an air of restlessness after not blogging properly for the past week. by that i mean, sitting down at my desktop and blogging specifically about a topic, or at least attempting to string a bunch of random words together and have them sound intellectual.

if you've been wondering where i was, i've been rather busy with reservist in the day and maintaining my social life in the night. it's a tough gig, but someone's got to do it. anyhow, it's back to work on monday, and quite frankly, i'm looking for it. my colleagues have been tempting me with some very good ideas and i'd love to have those creative juices flowing again.

it's also looking like a busy week in terms of bass playing. playing for worship on monday night, might be jamming either with leeson or one point brilliance on tuesday, and then meeting rudi on wednesday night for our little side project. which leaves thursday and friday night free for drinking, or being put on roster for youth service on sunday, which involves giving friday up for another bout of practice.

it's been quite awhile since my services have been in such constant demand. so it's quite amazing i have time for an online life. -)

as cities burn - terrible! how terrible for the great city!

song starts at 1:00

am I a monster when I sink my teeth into her
when I don't love her
no, I don't love you
forgive me darling, but love has nothing to do with this
it has nothing to do with how I can't stop
until I get what I want from you

this is what real men keep quiet
it doesn't exist if you can hide it behind your teeth
and sleep at night next to your wife
who you love too much to tell her
you don't love her at all

I just feel as empty as the lungs
of those waiting in the womb
do you feel as empty as the lungs of those waiting
to come into this world
where being beautiful means being used

how long will we blame the devils on our shoulders
and pose like angels on the outside
when all I am is a monster

sugar coated dreams

i came online wanting to talk about a lot of stuff on this blog, but after talking to jess, i think that this is all i need to say because she helps me see things in very calming ways.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Fried oyster with eggs and dough strips in a sour chili sauce. Nothing even touches this orgasmic combination. Pardon the unspiffy looking picture

I guess we ended up going for beef hor fan at geylang instead. Slurpy gravey goodness with succulent beef. A worthy substitute. To my aussie friends, you terribly missing out! And i miss you too of course :)

Vincent and me on our adventure to find a KFC. Silly singaporean drivers making me furious. Already got two mongs who cut my land without indicating!

Watching baseball while having drinks at Balcony is quite relaxing if you dont particularly have a mild headache and you're not trying to fall off your bar stool

Thursday, June 7, 2007

I cannot book out of camp tonight.. Stupid reservist, make us do silly things in the afternoon and listening to retards who think they're smarter than me rant and rave and now they have the power vested in them to give me a curfew and confine me to barracks against my will. I think there's something seriously wrong with the whole reservist system.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

hopeless fanfare

sorry for the lack of updates, but i've been at reservist and that means that i'm not at a computer for the most part of the day. I can't bring a camera phone into camp, so that means i can't moblog. the most i can do is send a twitter or jaiku, but we all know how boring/irritating that can be.

so i guess it's a good break from blogging daily. i've sort of been wondering if i've been blogging too much. not that it's a bad thing, blogging helped me get my current job, and it's a great cathartic process, but wow.. when i read some of the more serious blogs, it's as if they take it so very seriously. but i'm not one to make early judgment calls. i'm sure there are very good reasons why people choose to blog as well. but i'm rambling, i'm just trying to make up for lost time. but i really have a company event i'm supposed to get to now.

check back this space for more tragically happy updates of my life.

Monday, June 4, 2007

we love you and then you take us away
here's a sneak peak from the Copeland and Anberlin gig. i've got a whole bunch of copeland videos, but they're taking forever to download and i need to sleep because i'm going for reservist tomorrow. so i'll probably upload the rest tomorrow. in the meantime, check out Copeland's rousing edition of their classic "Paula Sparks" leading into "California". truly intense, and it bears testament to why i love them as a band.

updated! 4th June 2007. the next video is "You Have My Attention"
this was the last song in their set. enjoy!

watching all the local scensters and bands today made me wanna play the stage again. -) but we're still lacking a drummer, but the songs sound great, and we're sharper than ever before. here's a huge shout out to all the bands that played tonight! i had fun, and i'm glad to enjoy some of the best and rising talents of our singapore music scene.

vertical rush, the fire fight and march twelve. mad props to y'all -)

Sunday, June 3, 2007


Copeland just played Paula Sparks and California back to back! Video upload later!