Friday, June 29, 2007

why you ought to watch transformers, the greatest motion picture epic of all time

Optimus Prime
he was always my favourite, the gentle, kind soul who is always manigmous and stands on the side of justice and good. but now, he actually decapitates the decepticon, bonecrusher in one fell swoop. that's the money shot right there. in a homage to optimus's energy axe and grimlock's energo sword.. this death move proves there's a limit to the even optimus's virtue of patience.

the crap story
seriously, why befuddle the rollercoaster ride with some stupid existentialist crap that so many films tried to follow (ala the matrix). michael bay has a lousy narrative, some cheesy comedic moments, but fantastic action sequences and transformers! LOTS OF THEM! they shoot, get shot at, stomp on each other, decapitated and ripped in two.

my mouth was open for 99% of the movie
optimus prime, bumblebee, jazz, ironhide, ratchet, megatron, starscream, devestator, bonecrusher, barricade and meagan fox. i was telling the yuen throughout the entire movie that i was losing my mind! holy shit! omigosh! that's crazy!

freedom is the right of all sentient beings
peter cullen, the original voice of optimus prime reprises his role. the deep set voice, that sounds so heavily burdened and tired of all the violence, and yet the life and passion it evokes when he stands by his causes to protect and uphold. the ultimate hero. to hear him say his other immortal line "one shall stand, one shall fall" and all the other references to the rich cartoon series that fills my life with so much joy.

proving that i'm still a fan
i watched it on opening day. NEED I SAY MORE???

this movie will blow your mind! don't worry about the story, or the new look the transformers got. don't let those prissy fans tell you how much it doesn't pay homage to the cartoon series. IT DOESN'T MATTER, and this comes from an absolute fan over the cartoon series. it's tenaciously enjoyable, and you will want to watch it again and again and again. Transformers FTW. life can be complete if you choose to.

no pictures, just go see it.

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