Monday, June 4, 2007

we love you and then you take us away
here's a sneak peak from the Copeland and Anberlin gig. i've got a whole bunch of copeland videos, but they're taking forever to download and i need to sleep because i'm going for reservist tomorrow. so i'll probably upload the rest tomorrow. in the meantime, check out Copeland's rousing edition of their classic "Paula Sparks" leading into "California". truly intense, and it bears testament to why i love them as a band.

updated! 4th June 2007. the next video is "You Have My Attention"
this was the last song in their set. enjoy!

watching all the local scensters and bands today made me wanna play the stage again. -) but we're still lacking a drummer, but the songs sound great, and we're sharper than ever before. here's a huge shout out to all the bands that played tonight! i had fun, and i'm glad to enjoy some of the best and rising talents of our singapore music scene.

vertical rush, the fire fight and march twelve. mad props to y'all -)

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