Saturday, May 31, 2003

well, no one's looking
there are still a few terminals with an internet connection. so well, none of the big bosses are here, so you can't really stop me from blogging. mauahahaha! anyhow, besides saishu heiki kanojo, sobriquet also sent me my neighbour totoro. i loved this show. it was innocent, pure and simple. and the charaters were so kawaii neh! haha.. it's nothing too deep, and can / should be enjoyed by all ages.

chibi totoro

back to the ice-age
they've cancelled the internet connection at work, and i am shattered. now we will have to try new ingenious ways to battle against overwhelming bordem. and i'm pretty stuffed right now. teh ping, milo ping, white grape alovera juice, cheese and plaster prata at niqqi's.

Friday, May 30, 2003

it's a strange night of responses
yeah, i checked my email, and for once.. i had more emails than my sister. yay! haha well, vinz and cherie both responded to the kooky questionaire i sent out in the afternoon. haha, brought back loads of memories when we were first hooked up to the internet and used to do these things all the time. haha, so it made my day that people still enjoyed that nostalgia. also, i finally got my student visa! yes! now i just need to look for accomadation..

Thursday, May 29, 2003

sing the blues like jonny lang
honesty. that's something i always treasure. that's wot makes certain pieces of music so much more appealing than others. that's wot makes alotta things more appealing than others. i could never be a tv salesman or a stockbroker. could i be someone i was not? well, i'm just glad i don't have to think to death over these questions, cuz God's telling me not to worry too much. when it hapens, and you come to me, then we'll work it together.

i have finished watching saishu heiki kanojo. and it's really a love story at it's core. i quite liked the ending. everyone on earth died, except the protaganist. cuz his lover chise aka the ultimate weapon protected him (we don't see how). and somehow everyone on earth was killed except him. so he was the last human being on planet earth, and in some way, he lasted till the end. their love lasted till the end. and it brings up the theme that's repeated all the time : the last love song on this little planet. and still, their love goes on cuz he holds a part of their time together in his heart. in a sense, taht's a little world they can escape to. in a sense, people live on when we remember them. so their's will be the last love story until the protaganist dies of wotever causes.

'lil bit of soppy romantism in today's harsh world never really hurt did it? haha, makes me feel like i'm seventeen again.

chise home

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

it's the evolution
updated my webby again. ermm, same old same old. new outlook.. not very good. got lost and unfocused. that's the problem with a blogging philosohy of not taking blogs too seriously. when it comes down to typing something, you have trouble expressing yourself. and it's a pathetic word count. well, back to the drawing board. i re-did the "gate-way" page to my dark star. stupid new band picture. was too bored at work, so i carved something up. and not in the mood to the the spin it! spin it again! series. so you'll have to bear with my usual melodramatics.

Monday, May 26, 2003

big love
big big love and thanks to sobriquet, net friend for burning and actually snail-mailing me the anime series saishu heiki kanojo / she, the ultimate weapon. also included were the classic my neibour totoro and something else.
it's been a tremendous first four episodes, and it already looks promising. at first i didn't know it was gonna have violence and stuff, just another "love hina". but oh well, the war, violence is just a background for wot seems to be the main story so far. relationships, young love, to a certain extent duty and patriotism. is it worth fighting for? but i think the innocence and the eventual maturity of the two character lead's relationship and love is the main draw. there is a balanced character development for both of them. lemme finish watching it before i get back to you on that.

and once again big thanks to sobriquet!

tick tick tick
in my quest for hot hot heat, a trip to hmv was unavoidable. i did find it, but it cost a whopping twenty seven sgd. no way was i gonna be ripped off by an mnc. bought jeff buckley's grace ep for sixteen sgd instead. lately, there have been alotta new albums being released. LiVE's new album, birds of pray and third eye blind are two bands i like / liked. but i'm not too excited after trying the cds out. they sounded over produced, and i've been listening to quite alotta lo-fi stuff lately. it didn't suit my mood. but LiVE's optimisum and insights are always welcome to my musical vocabulary.

in the end i bought :
yeah yeah yeahs - fever to tell one of the most innovative "new sounds" in our present scene. just like how it started for new wave punk. undoubtly frontwoman / vox karen o is the star of the band with her wild, sexy banshee howls.
feeder - find the color an ep of the album track, and some b-sides, old and new. feeder fan, so wot to do?

gramaphone is gonna call me when their next shipment of make up the breakdown comes in. how quaint of them.

Saturday, May 24, 2003

so she's got it all, i don't wanna be the one to tell her that she's wrong...
get your latest copy of q. if the cover of the white stripes don't entice you (yes morgan, i pretty much like the new stuff), then the free cd of the ultimate rock 'n roll probably will, and if that still dosen't grab you, the it's gotta be cuz of the fantastic new band hot hot heat's featured track naked in the city again. or better yet, get their debut album, thirty two minutes of ten songs make up the breakdown

rolling stone review

Friday, May 23, 2003

i sold my soul to rock and roll
i've just come back from the pug jelly / vertical rush album launch under the wakemeupmusic label held at the hard rock cafe singapore. it was a pretty awesome night, my squared circle opened for them, and it was pretty much a let down. they had a few good moments where the riffs really stood out, but alotta times they seemed to be in their own world playingonly for their drummer. everybody was facing him! wot's up with that? then toward the end, they seemed to delve into slowcore, probably cuz their hardcore was kinda weak. screaming, low droning voices.. yeeesh.

anyhow, was there cuz ian invited me to catch his band play. if their gig at baybeats, the esplanade main outdoor stage was anything to go by, then they made a very marked improvement. here on display was a band syncopated, driven, technically melodic and tasteful. they played my favourite song from the setlist : nothing comes between us and it was faster and had this crazy drum groove at the end. still my favourite.and haha, they got gorden to stand in for nick. he sings better. *grin*

this goes the setlist (i think) :
(1) unattainable girl tight
(2) no more excuses they always do this song don't they? killer guitar line
(3) nothing comes between us the different groove at the end made my night
(4) hello goodbye awesome grand sounding introduction
(5) baby new

there were a few hic-ups, but none too obvious. after them was pug jelly. they were tight, nothing fantastic. prancing on stage like a bunch of millionare punk-rock stars. the filipina guitarist was good looking. in fact, daren - vert. rush stixman was commenting how markatable they were. and yeah, its a formula and i agree. easy on the eyes, ears and attitude. there was a few fine lookin' caucasian ladies at the 'moshpit' but it was the male audience of two caucasian dudes that cracked me up. haha, they truely were amazing in their 'chicken dance' routine (a mainstay in the moshpit) and some other funky moves that only the two of them knew. and they knew the words to all the songs!

thoughts : it was nice to go back to a gig once again. been out of touch with the local scene for years, and much has changed. vertical rush has come a long way since 1998. yeap, seeing this 'underground relationship' between bands and fans / organisers makes me wonder where my dark star is headed. how people will react to our material. all in time and good faith i suppose.

Thursday, May 22, 2003

well, that's kinda how the day at work went today. you didn't even know it was gone. oh well, lessee now. popped in at 7.30 ate the breakfast that mom packed for me. it's the pink kueh with glutinous rice and peanuts init. reheated of course. and then.. logged on, checked the blogs out, played little fighter. at about ten-thirty i finally got around to calling clifford dispensary to book an appointment for my medical examination. yay. after that, fiddled with more little fighter and then downloaded the unreal tournament demo. heard me right. i have fallen from grace and have resorted to gaming to preserve my sanity. i stunk at it too.

whilst reading the blogs, i was really struck by winston's living in narnia. it truely is amazing how he just pours out so honestly and encouragingly his walk with Christ. yeah, it brightened my day, brings me back to earth sometimes. checkit out if it means something to you :)

spin it!
untitled (opus of fifths) - lindy gerlach

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

one-eyed shame
if there's one thing that bothers me about the uncanny x-men, it's cyclops. scott summers has the inane power to project optic blasts from his eyes. they are powerful to level a building, and so possibly breaking human bones or ripping thru flesh. so while his ruby quartz glasses are able contain this tremendous force, why is it that when he closes his eyes, the blast dosen't rip thru his eyelids causing a "chamber explosion"? you decide.

up next : who gets to save the world?

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

the fine line between sanity and the lack of it
if you suspect you are insane, please take this test :


-- personality disorder test - take it! --

i'm relatively sane. should be glad with that.

is this really happening?
when i came into work today, tony was telling me that jay loh was arranging for some of us to head back to camp without the 10-day quarantine period. this came as a shock to me. but oh well, two and a half years of unhappy suprises has kinda made me numb to this sorta thing. but it still sucks nonetheless. i can only hope and pray i don't get "retrenched". camp is a very bad place to be in these days. makes me wonder if it's because i have yet to attend an idc session ever since i got this somewhat new duty of contact tracing. that like, if you're not bearing fruit than i'll cut you from the vine.

off vinz's blog, the drink test :
What Drink Are You?
what drink are you?
it's a whole load of crock. haha.

superboy's insecurity
man, clarke kent shure has an infiriority complex. extraterrestrial powers and he's so afraid of not fitting in. try the center of attraction for a change. also blame his hippie parents for not exposing him to the world of superman where metropolis actually appreciates his city-saving powers. anyhows, in yesternights episode of smallville, dick clark kent finally confessed his powers to someone. and it was pete. pete??!!?? shure they go way back, but how is that critical to the story in anyway? *sigh* so wot if the anal-retentive friend dosen't wanna be your friend anymore? just because he couldn't deal that you had super-powers at three and didn't tell him, he gets all faggoty about it. "you should have told me. wot? our friendship you don't trust? friend's like you i don't need.. ugh!" hey, wotever dooky hed. like.. wotever! imagine my satisfaction when pete realised at the end of the episode wot a dick he was. i looovvveee these "i told you so" sessions. pretty shure clark must've been pretty pleased with himself and secretly pitying petty pete for being so anal of the smallest things. but more important, he's found out someone more insecure than about himself than himself.

next : are the x-men really useful, and the mystery of cyclops.

Monday, May 19, 2003

when u could have some free treatment

hey dude why don't u go get your wisdom tooth/teeth removed under the charge of the Singapore Actors' Federation? heh...just a thought

you could lose some weight
man, i am feeling overweight (which i have put on a few kilos since). but that's not all. i am wrought with an out of control wisdom tooth that is giving me hell because i keep biting the flesh at the back of my mouth. and then, i don't know why, but i have this massive headache. like myh brain wants to regurgitate. it's also pouding at the back of my skull. argh! i just wanna kill someone. and then there's a slightly nauseus feeling as well. *sigh* i was fine when i woke up. something i ate? no mood to surf for interesting things. but i did find an ancient concave scream interview.

Sunday, May 18, 2003

always forever like this eternal
i have found out that you can't say "Jesus" on malaysian television after watching futurama on teevee three. its's from ten thirty to eleven in the evenings. there's alotta shite going on in the world today. suicide bombers and no out from the hotspot for us. makes our own petty problems seem less real. well, for some, personal problems seem daymn real. but for me, mebbe i don't have any r-e-a-l problems. let me count thy blessings.

was at the flea and easy at zouk. my spoils of war are a feeder single "come back around" and dave seaman - global underground 22 for a total of twenty bucks! oh kay lah.. quite a steal. but would have prefered finding some really cool new tees and cool toys. oh why didn't i buy the big headed veritech for 4 bucks? nyeah!

Saturday, May 17, 2003

is it over too soon
oh kay, it is terribly boring. not that i had nothing to do, because i actually had to twice reassure some of the general public about how home quarantine orders work. oh yeh.. a sense of achievement. alright, if it wasn't for the insane, i would have disintegrated a looong time ago. muchthanks to choose your own adventure for re-introducing the kickass website. i literally laughed my hed off reading about america's favourite idiosyncratic superheros, the super-friends. you have to check this out at least. life will never be the same after seanbaby's pure genius.
so how is this day gonna end? you make it up.. heard there's a movie marathon at morgan's place.

Friday, May 16, 2003

more silly tests

which of andrew's friends are you?

more web dates
well, i've updated single scene evolution once again. click the portal on the right. same 'ol same 'ol updates. new outlooks and a new secret page! see if you can find it! should be easy.

was reading my dad's new jokebook...

bill clinton and al gore went into a local diner for lunch. as they read the menu, the waitress came over and asked clinton, "are you ready to order, sir?"
clinton replies, "yes, i'd like a quicke"
"a quickie?!" the waitress replies with disgust. "sir, given the current situation of your personal life, i don't believe that's a good idea. i'll come back later when you are ready to make an order from the menu!"
al gore leans over to clinton and says, "sir, i belive it's pronounced 'quiche'..."

a blonde walks into a hairdresser's, wearing headphones.
she says to the hairdresser,"please cut my hair, but wotever you do, don't knock my hedphones off!"
alas, during the cutting, the hairdresser slips and the hedphones actually fall off.
the blonde falls over dead
the shocked hairdresser picks up the hedphones and listens...

"breath in, breath out, breath in, breath out..."

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

last post for the day?
so cute, vinz is a porcupine. this test dosen't sound like me. but oh well... it says i'm handsome, intelligent, resourceful and people are jealous..

take the desert creatures test!

there's napkin man... but i don't think the harmless banana is a good super hero name. should i be a super hero? is this wot they call.. peer pressure?

my new title
i have been christened "the prince of the bog of eternal stench" by styra, mistress of darkness. not that i cany say i'm entirely happy about the title. i mean, do i have body odour? *shudder* anyhow, it's not as if she's made it official or black and white. but to defy the mistress of darkness would be a fate worse than death no? i can but humbly accept her royal decree...

in other news, while twenty more suspected cases of s.a.r.s have sprouted in the institute of mental health, contact tracers are busy calling suspects in an attempt to contain the virus. calling mad people? haha.. that's the army for you... my friend just got blasted by some crazy (literally) bitch : "all of you should die! all your patients should die! everyone must die! you want my particulars? all of you must die..." a fitting climax to the two and a half years of service to my great nation.

brian morgan project

sounds like a cool side project brian and morgan c hoax is trying to form here, lets just hope they provide us with updates and how puny citizens of the uninitiated in the vast world of music can add our contributions. kindda remind me of the 60s project. its sorta like take a piece, add on to it, then pass it on for more ppl to add their ideas. kewl. maybe someday we'll see a brian morgan project vs napkin man single making it big in the stores.such distant reality yet sweet to the brain. peace y'all

horror of horrors! to quote a linkin park quote vinz and i have been spotted at work with the exact same colour scheme. for the uninitiated, "tweenies" are when two people meet up and are wearing the exact same thing. according to "linkin park", it happens to them often because they're sponsored by many cool brands, only to appear on stage with the same designed t-shirts. thankfully for us, vinz and i are decked out in white t-shirts. his by staple, mine an optimus prime print. we're both wearing black engineered levis. but his are type 2s, whereas mine are type 1s. we kinda "look alike" in that sense. you'll be able to tell us apart at zouk's mambo jumbo based on height difference. i'm one head shorter than him.

love / hate
ntv seven. some malaysian tv station that my tube's antenna can recieve. so i can watch the late show with david letterman everynight. however, when today's guest was jenna, the survivor winner, we weren't allowed to see her audiotion tape which involved her in a bikini, and the clip where she and heidi took of their clothes for peanut butter and chocolate. it's not that i'm angry, but yeah. malaysian censorship irks me sometimes. also, the dubbing was off. so everybody's mouths moved slower than the words. haha

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

a last burst of molten energy
finally, the last hour before we get to leave work. spent the day on the internet as usual. with me looking thru' all the links on my blog, some kinda voyuer eh? anyhow, once that was done, i checked an email in my yahoo account and read a few news articles about the war in iraq. perhaps i shall post it on the webby to stimulate some thought. oh, read a time magazine article about : the matrix. mebbe i know abit more trivia now? yeah right. and then, more mindless surfing, evident in the quizzies below. *sigh* i think it's a sad existence. well, the high point of my surfing escapades is when i stumbled across some awesome stevie nicks websites. haha, i'll post more about her some other time. but for those who don't know, she's one of the vocalists for the second incarnation of fleetwood mac which i thoroughly adore... *swoon*

so once i leave, i have to meet john "the hamster" rp from camp and his motely crew of musicians at yishun(!!!!) for a jam session. from my first fling with their band, i can't say i was impressed. the two guitars were either too loud, soft, or playing too much. and they didn't really understand band dynamics. oh the drummer is guilty of that too. if i can't play with the drummer, i don't really enjoy myself. pity for jonathan aka bender had to play thru them. well, i'm easily bought over by sentiment.. and well, they have no bass player. so i agreed to help them out again today. i can only pray we stave off the 80s rock. i had some fun the last time round, let's hope there's more of it this time.

spin it!
fleetwood mac - sara

death becomes clearer thru bloodshot eyes - silverchair

i will be stung by a swarm of killer bees

how will you die? take the exotic cause of death test

vroom vroom vrrrroooommmm...

I am a Sports Car.

which type of car are you? take the auto identity test

funny, i don't feel very sporty. i wanna be a transformer!

genocidical tendancies

I am the Green River Killer.

you are somewhat methodical, as you kill women and leave their bodies in the green river.

which serial killer are you? take the serial killer test

was at nepthys's blog, and this quiz was too hard to pass up. can't say i'm too pleased with the results. try it and post it on your blog!

Monday, May 12, 2003

a late bloomer
just three more hours before i get out of this room. just two more months before i leave the organisation. i can't say i accomplished much today. worked with some tables because i wanted to spruce up some of my pages and come up with a neat simple design for the brian morgan project. but i didn't really get far. if there's anyone out there who's willing to give me free web-building lessons, contact me.

i watched last years / the year before last years korean blockbuster, my sassy girl last thursday at my friend, jamie's place. i have to say that these silly romantic comedies are doing me in. but them koreans really tell a good story. it's not overtly chesy, nor serious. and well, it makes good swweeet entertainment.

gahh!! i just feel so unaccomplished because i have not finished completing my evisa application. i have not made the effort to call up the local doctors to give me a thorugh physical examination! so my visa's at a standstill. where am i gonna stay when i reach perth? i have no hostel yet! argh... all these silly things are just making me feel like i'm already a washout when i haven't started yet.

listening to : lisa ekdahl - sings salvadore poe

guilt free pleasures
i hate it when people make me feel guilty, especially when it has nothing to do with me. the camp guys headed down to zouk last saturday. and well, louis invited me to go. i already told him that i had other plans, namely ian's birthday gathering, and i couldn't promise him anything. but swell, he kept insisting that i should go, but finally conceded that i should try my best to make it down. i didn't try. and today i'm like greeted with a somewhat disappointed louis. why? plenty of other guys did go, and i'm shure they had fun. am i suposed to feel guilty about something? geez...

didn't blog yesterday, or much since saturday afternoon.
as you might have guessed from vinz's blog, we are at ian's place for a little birthday gathering. we had fun, and had drinks. haha.. but no worries. we didn't make asses of ourselves. if you wanna know wot happened that night, vincent tells it best.

on sunday, well, after church and cell. i went for lunch with my folks. sloan court hotel. haha, its got a british style tarven and pretty old-school singaporean style western food. the kind where a family runs the buisness and they serve you campbell soup. it was fun, sister and i gave mom a scarf and card. well, she bought everything, heh~ i just helped pay and write in the card. we called mom "sergant sunshine". just another of those alliterations we ought to be famous for. had a haircut with my sister. went to mom's fav salon at holland village. its this hairdresser at the ntuc shack. very nice friendly bosses, and theyc ut pretty neat. so i found my new favourite place. then we went home to sleep and had dinner at le viet. it's this vietnemese style cafe / restaurant near siglap centre. dad mentioned something about east end girls always wearing shorts. haha, we scrutinsed him on that. then we went home again and watched fight club. yay!

morgan passed me blur's "think thank" and it's brilliant. í'm still listening to it, but i really love it at the moment. but yeah.. something is missing. *grin* well, let me pop back to work at three, and i'll post more perhaps.

Sunday, May 11, 2003

don't look back in anger

was watching the oasis there and then dvd which features their stupendous maine road concert in 95. and just started getting bitter about them cancelling out on us a few months back. so bitter that i won't go even if they come again. ok, don't mark my words cos i just might. why did i even say that? but the maine road concert really rocked, and it was funny how my mom passed by and remarked how liam looked retarded. i mean, she was really serious about it. that he looked subnormal or something. watching on i had to agree with her. and she had to agree with me that noel's a genius. happy mother's day, mom.

Saturday, May 10, 2003

argh! i thought today was friday!
i really didn't realise until i checked vinz's blog. so somewhere along this week, my sense of time was shattered. either the data-entry party or anime / my sassy girl night at jamie's.

irritation woes. the same idiot who sings stupid songs out loud thinks he's chester bermingham and freaking kek seys to linkin park. time to pop my headphones back on. also, he may have gotten wind of my blog when he saw my title. don't know if he'll check it out. but i'm not bothered anymore though.

eh...? faker!
just popped into work today. i tore off a blue sticker from my security pass which was supposed to imply that i already took my temperature on thursday. didn't bring my pass yesterday, so when i today came, i just took it off expecting to reset my status of "fever free". however to my horror, i didn't have to get a new sticker for a new day. ever since getting our perma-temp security passses and pasting that blue sticker on it on thursday. we didn't have to be cleared at the entrance for a fever anymore. this just does not make any sense to me.

and i dont know why i didn't gripe about this yesterday. well, when i forgot to bring my security pass and my thermometer, the lady/ah lian at the counter was like going "oooorrrrrr... you're a goner... your officer's not gonna forget you (she said it in chinese, which cannot be translated to me being effectively monolingual). i was like.. wot's the big deal man? you are supposed to take the temperatures of visitors here and i could always sign in and get a temp-temp pass from the security guards. she told me to report to my officers about the incident, and i said i would. lying thru' my socks of course. who would? anyhow, once in the room i carried on with my buisness. and she actually came in, told me she'd let me off this time and not to do it again. oh, i didn't have to report my officer (not like i would). she probably thought i would have, cuz i was quite convincing in feigning sorrow and regret

Friday, May 9, 2003

she was my muse until i choked
in the writing can: should i forget after awhile.
1. dear forum jammers, i have reworked the chorus for emo-shred. we could try it out when everyone's back. i'm trying to make it heavier. yea-arr-rrgghhh...
2. wrote a strange garage-y post-nirvanaish haunting four chord progression to be played with high mids. lp in middles position, bridge vol all the way up, tone at 8. neck vol at 8, tone at 8. ds-01 settings are tone at 2 o'clock levels 2 o'clock distortion at 4 o'clock. after this crazy 16 beat downstroke hacking, there's a slow bit which in the end climaxes into a big bona-fide ambient/distortion anthem.

even the most apathatic of us have bad hair days
i detest my hair of late. the sides have grown, and the fringe is somewhat too long. argh... wot happens when a modified fin goes out of control. if you may recall in the past, i mentioned something about getting a real mohawk. well, it's still on my mind. haha... but not yet. another thought is to keep my hair whilst i'm in oz. come back with a sorta dishelved mane.
but geeez, why do i even care so much?

wot it means to be brian morgan
i started to think about this.
brian morgan consists of :
brian leery &
morgan hoax
of course

morgan approached me with the idea, that we ought to form a super-group.
of course i loved the idea, for i love morgan.
tentatively on my part, i shall call it the brian morgan project. will discuss personally with morgan about our aims, plans, strategies and realities(for dreams stay as dreams). it will be a celebration of freedom, anyone everyone should be a part of the musical undertaking.
for music is our medium of worship.

Thursday, May 8, 2003

updated my website. it doesn't look much different. and there's not much new conetnt. gee.. why am i even asking people to go visit?

when you're on top
nobody likes you. and it ain't the wallflowers song.
i'm talking about co six or the commanding officer of sixth singapore infantry brigade. he's in charge of us, the contact tracing team. well, i don't really have any real issues with him. except that he strikes me as a very insincere person. i dunno, the way he talks to civilians is so courteous, even when they've made mistakes. but i've heard stories that no one in his unit really likes him. i'm shure if the team were all soldiers, we'd have been blasted back into satan's arse a long time ago.

and then he's scouring around the office, catching people if they skive. well, give me work and i'll do it. if not, tehn leave us be right? yesterday he caught me not doing any work. well, my team finished our tasks, and some teams haven't. so he kind of expected me to help some other team with their work. don't get me wrong, i don't mind helping, and would have if i were given work. but i'm not an officer, dont make the decisions that they do. my team leader didnt assign us any work, and i wouldnt wanna get my team to do extra if they didnt want to. anyhow, he made it seem like i was obligated to be more pro-active. i'm just a conscript, dont look at me like i have to make decisions.

but wot was even more stupid was that there were soooooooooo many other people surfing the internet, or playing online games. some fella was even snoring on the floor next to where he was sitting at! argh... and he chose me to be picked on, obligated, the bad example who was caught. thanks a lot i used to wonder if you were on top whether people automaticaly didn't like you. i seem to have more of that mentality these days. but i wish it weren't true. everyone deserves a fair trial

Wednesday, May 7, 2003

sprawled over the sidewalk
wot a night! the all night data entry party was a huge success. we had special guest djs from come down to spin after our resident exhausted his set. which is quite an amazing feat! the party went on longer than expected, and we were having so much fun! everyone was getting wasted on coffee or trying to score the next high with the hot data babe/dude.
by six to seven, we were all over the place.. nobody could remember their names at all!
in fact, it was sucha success, the organisers told us to stay the morning and party on!
we need more djs

junkie highs
i scored my hit thru as i lay dying. it was found after wading thru an endless sea of mediocre music, emo-punk rock passing off as alternative in
i needed something heavy, fast.. in your face bone breaking yet soothing to calm my nerves and keep me working thru'out the night.
decided to check the top metal downloads and i found it.
as i lay dying is some sort of heavy-melodic metal. it boarders on in flames without the death-defying solos, but all the melody.
and as a pleasant suprise, even the screaming makes sense because of the refreshing lyrics.
now you know...

stupid people next to me at the all night data entry party
save me mr dj! he's talking to some girl, telling her about how man only think about sex and undressing them. like it's reverse psychology pr something. depreciate's oneself, so that it seems you're more in touch with yourself.
how do i know? haha, been there, done that!
so mebbe i'm a male chauvinist pig now? my worst nightmare? the mcp zhong(1) guo(2)

i sprout nonsense when the musical drug isn't hitting me hard enough. need another dose.. fast!

Tuesday, May 6, 2003

out of my head
why do i play music when i'm doing work?
if not i'd get irritated by the guy next to me who talks to himself whilst sifting thru the files.

let the good times roll!
at long last! they have thrown work at us. my life has meaning once again as we feel that our jobs make us who we are...
it has been endless hours of data-entering fun, the party might go well into the wee hours of the morning.
i have been caffine enabled since two. and my favourite djs, lavelle, layo and bushwacka! are gonna be keeping me company by spinning an all night rave party! plus, coffee is free flow. whoo hoo!

quote unquote
the quote has been around since the beginning of time, and i figure it's our sorry excuse to be a copycat. oh, he once said "..." its the best thing to ever say cos 1)you wont be held responsible for the words cos someone else said it, and 2)you project yourself as a diplomatic peacelover who draws your thought from the opinions of others (rather than one-minded idiots who think their way is always right). and its the best thing to use when you're a bum (like me) cos 1)you dont even have to think it up, just rip it off and 2)even when you want to formulate your ideas you can do it based on someone else. come to think of it, every idea is derived from someone else's idea in some way or another, so i wonder how original we all are in the first place. if all of us are copycats then, who ever came up with the first original idea that started it all? a perplexing question that's been bugging me since the time i pondered what are the machines that are used to produce machines, and which machines are used to make those machines. i mean, there's no end to that- so is there one ultimate machine that started it all? ok looks like i'm quoting out of context so i'd better shut up now.

the deal
argh! i have been quoted on a mis-quote. and it's funny how far some people are taking it. gotta be more careful with my typing these days.
in other news, i hear data entry is going to begin soon. yay?

new days, new dawn
i just popped into work at 0800. due to an intense lack of nothing to do, i came to pour my soul out. ah! i see clement tan has posted. i shall read it later. not doing much now, except listening to joe satriani who cancelled his gig here. grrrr mebbe they wil give us something to do. once the server is up, it'll be endless hours of data entry fun!

Monday, May 5, 2003

gee...brian, u sure u prefer this arrangement...u sound as if u are so zonked out, u need to chill out manz...gosh, still imagining you leaving for Perth in the forseeable future...somehow, it won't be the same again...everyone seems to be was bad enough when Shawn left 2 years ago, and then Kelvin and John last year...but now the people leaving are pple i am closer to...pple who are my age...and you leaving reminds me of how I still have 1 more year in army...with a boss with no trust in i tell you...thankfully, i will get a new boss in August...meanwhile, think u can maybe do up yer website while u're 'working' Vincent?

i'm so tired with all this waiting and mulling around.
it is another uneventful day, and i'm just counting the hours till ten when we can go home.
i've been staring at the screen for quite some time now, and now i can't read my book anymore.
my ears are sore from listening to too much music.
and even now.. it dosen't really concern me.
yeah, today i don't feel as if i'm truely alive
that's the problem with humans, their moods sometimes waver when the body shuts down.
so you wouldnt really know the real reason of a foul mood.

working at work
was helping vinz with some tagging, and he was helping me with some of mine. right now, we have reaped the rewards of a much funkier title for harmless?bananas! and commentries for wheres has all the booze gone??: yo dj spin that shit. i now have blogging rights to that intoxicated blog and vinz has a new stupor-ish website: intoxicated reality. wot an eventful afternoon!

Hey, they call me Napkin Man, im back im back. I'd have u note that "hey mum im on the internet" was mine line! Aniwei am doing the same shit as Brian so i decide to poop over to nose in on his blog a lil bit.. with all this time it kindda spurs me on to carry on my website again, and somemore free internet connection!! talk about FREELOADING. BUT as with everything i will prob give up after 2 hours of dealing with html. sheesh and to think im going to do computer engineering, might as well sell porno VCDs. oh don't haf to feel bad about not gettting anything for your dad, my bro and me dun even remember my folks birthday, talk about Filial Piety. Oh well gotta burn...

P.S: just updated my own blog, need your luv to spread the word. thanx

just up!
heyyy... today's my dad's birthday! gee whiz, i didn't get him anything, as usual. i wonder if he secretly detests that. but then again, i reckon i'm a pretty filial son, apart from when i screwed my a-levels up. sucha guilt-trip.
a strange friend of mine, lankybass aka shaun popped by my place yesterday because he needed to go to nus early for his paper today. he really gets me going with music by teaching me stuff. haha, he's the closest i have to lessons. made me download adam nitti songs over his site. if you wanna be inspired to play bass, check it. he also writes in the coloums.
shaun's friend weiyi also has a blog, which has the fantastic dish of the week series. a day when the two friends get together and cook up a storm. i find it awfully cute!

i start work at one and will leave at ten. so goes sunday.

Saturday, May 3, 2003

in retrospect
i really do prefer this arrangement to life in the tenth brigade. i have stayout every night, and effectively on tuesdays and thursdays i have nighst off and half a day off the next day. i may work till four on saturday, but its a small price to pay for having only to go back to work on monday afternoon.
i may be working thru' sunday to wednesday from eight to ten in the evening, but i guess everyone pays his dues since Vinz had to burn his weekend last week, so i gotta burn mine this week.
it's strange, but somehow everything seems to be in the higher power's hands. and that makes me feel at peace.

when today
dosen't feel like saturday.
there used to be a time when saturdays were untouched.
before the army, before the tenth brigade
so now i'm working :p and won't knock off till four.
one more reason to be glad that i'll finally leave the shite-hole

Friday, May 2, 2003

a brush with fame
for my entry, i have been awarded the coveted "t-shirts we all wished we had #3" spot. this insane competition of unparalled biasednes can be found at morgan's good dope good fun.
here's the winning shot, courtesy of morgan:

my humble gratitude to the designers at the fourskin label

pump up the bass qusay!
*snigger* i got this off cornelius, bender's/jonathan's friend.
the real hussein please go take a look-see, i think it's quite funny for american mockery. look out for your favourite quote!

Thursday, May 1, 2003

yeah right!
it's labour day today. but i'm still working. in fact, i won't be getting a break till next sunday! at least i still have stay out...

the issue with lower-case
i always type in the lower case. did you ever notice that? think i'm gonna add the new links after this post. i'm so glad! i got the morning shifts on tuesdays thursdays and saturdays. meaning i knock off at 1600 on those days. afternoon shifts on mondays, wednesdays and fridays. meaning i knock off at 2200 on those days. my off day's sunday! meaning, i still get to go to church on the weekends. mebbe attend IDC on thursdays.
man... hope it carries on till i ord.