Sunday, May 18, 2003

always forever like this eternal
i have found out that you can't say "Jesus" on malaysian television after watching futurama on teevee three. its's from ten thirty to eleven in the evenings. there's alotta shite going on in the world today. suicide bombers and no out from the hotspot for us. makes our own petty problems seem less real. well, for some, personal problems seem daymn real. but for me, mebbe i don't have any r-e-a-l problems. let me count thy blessings.

was at the flea and easy at zouk. my spoils of war are a feeder single "come back around" and dave seaman - global underground 22 for a total of twenty bucks! oh kay lah.. quite a steal. but would have prefered finding some really cool new tees and cool toys. oh why didn't i buy the big headed veritech for 4 bucks? nyeah!

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