Tuesday, May 13, 2003

a last burst of molten energy
finally, the last hour before we get to leave work. spent the day on the internet as usual. with me looking thru' all the links on my blog, some kinda voyuer eh? anyhow, once that was done, i checked an email in my yahoo account and read a few news articles about the war in iraq. perhaps i shall post it on the webby to stimulate some thought. oh, read a time magazine article about : the matrix. mebbe i know abit more trivia now? yeah right. and then, more mindless surfing, evident in the quizzies below. *sigh* i think it's a sad existence. well, the high point of my surfing escapades is when i stumbled across some awesome stevie nicks websites. haha, i'll post more about her some other time. but for those who don't know, she's one of the vocalists for the second incarnation of fleetwood mac which i thoroughly adore... *swoon*

so once i leave, i have to meet john "the hamster" rp from camp and his motely crew of musicians at yishun(!!!!) for a jam session. from my first fling with their band, i can't say i was impressed. the two guitars were either too loud, soft, or playing too much. and they didn't really understand band dynamics. oh the drummer is guilty of that too. if i can't play with the drummer, i don't really enjoy myself. pity for jonathan aka bender had to play thru them. well, i'm easily bought over by sentiment.. and well, they have no bass player. so i agreed to help them out again today. i can only pray we stave off the 80s rock. i had some fun the last time round, let's hope there's more of it this time.

spin it!
fleetwood mac - sara

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