Tuesday, May 20, 2003

superboy's insecurity
man, clarke kent shure has an infiriority complex. extraterrestrial powers and he's so afraid of not fitting in. try the center of attraction for a change. also blame his hippie parents for not exposing him to the world of superman where metropolis actually appreciates his city-saving powers. anyhows, in yesternights episode of smallville, dick clark kent finally confessed his powers to someone. and it was pete. pete??!!?? shure they go way back, but how is that critical to the story in anyway? *sigh* so wot if the anal-retentive friend dosen't wanna be your friend anymore? just because he couldn't deal that you had super-powers at three and didn't tell him, he gets all faggoty about it. "you should have told me. wot? our friendship you don't trust? friend's like you i don't need.. ugh!" hey, wotever dooky hed. like.. wotever! imagine my satisfaction when pete realised at the end of the episode wot a dick he was. i looovvveee these "i told you so" sessions. pretty shure clark must've been pretty pleased with himself and secretly pitying petty pete for being so anal of the smallest things. but more important, he's found out someone more insecure than about himself than himself.

next : are the x-men really useful, and the mystery of cyclops.

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