Monday, May 26, 2003

big love
big big love and thanks to sobriquet, net friend for burning and actually snail-mailing me the anime series saishu heiki kanojo / she, the ultimate weapon. also included were the classic my neibour totoro and something else.
it's been a tremendous first four episodes, and it already looks promising. at first i didn't know it was gonna have violence and stuff, just another "love hina". but oh well, the war, violence is just a background for wot seems to be the main story so far. relationships, young love, to a certain extent duty and patriotism. is it worth fighting for? but i think the innocence and the eventual maturity of the two character lead's relationship and love is the main draw. there is a balanced character development for both of them. lemme finish watching it before i get back to you on that.

and once again big thanks to sobriquet!

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