Friday, May 23, 2003

i sold my soul to rock and roll
i've just come back from the pug jelly / vertical rush album launch under the wakemeupmusic label held at the hard rock cafe singapore. it was a pretty awesome night, my squared circle opened for them, and it was pretty much a let down. they had a few good moments where the riffs really stood out, but alotta times they seemed to be in their own world playingonly for their drummer. everybody was facing him! wot's up with that? then toward the end, they seemed to delve into slowcore, probably cuz their hardcore was kinda weak. screaming, low droning voices.. yeeesh.

anyhow, was there cuz ian invited me to catch his band play. if their gig at baybeats, the esplanade main outdoor stage was anything to go by, then they made a very marked improvement. here on display was a band syncopated, driven, technically melodic and tasteful. they played my favourite song from the setlist : nothing comes between us and it was faster and had this crazy drum groove at the end. still my favourite.and haha, they got gorden to stand in for nick. he sings better. *grin*

this goes the setlist (i think) :
(1) unattainable girl tight
(2) no more excuses they always do this song don't they? killer guitar line
(3) nothing comes between us the different groove at the end made my night
(4) hello goodbye awesome grand sounding introduction
(5) baby new

there were a few hic-ups, but none too obvious. after them was pug jelly. they were tight, nothing fantastic. prancing on stage like a bunch of millionare punk-rock stars. the filipina guitarist was good looking. in fact, daren - vert. rush stixman was commenting how markatable they were. and yeah, its a formula and i agree. easy on the eyes, ears and attitude. there was a few fine lookin' caucasian ladies at the 'moshpit' but it was the male audience of two caucasian dudes that cracked me up. haha, they truely were amazing in their 'chicken dance' routine (a mainstay in the moshpit) and some other funky moves that only the two of them knew. and they knew the words to all the songs!

thoughts : it was nice to go back to a gig once again. been out of touch with the local scene for years, and much has changed. vertical rush has come a long way since 1998. yeap, seeing this 'underground relationship' between bands and fans / organisers makes me wonder where my dark star is headed. how people will react to our material. all in time and good faith i suppose.

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