Tuesday, May 20, 2003

is this really happening?
when i came into work today, tony was telling me that jay loh was arranging for some of us to head back to camp without the 10-day quarantine period. this came as a shock to me. but oh well, two and a half years of unhappy suprises has kinda made me numb to this sorta thing. but it still sucks nonetheless. i can only hope and pray i don't get "retrenched". camp is a very bad place to be in these days. makes me wonder if it's because i have yet to attend an idc session ever since i got this somewhat new duty of contact tracing. that like, if you're not bearing fruit than i'll cut you from the vine.

off vinz's blog, the drink test :
What Drink Are You?
what drink are you?
it's a whole load of crock. haha.

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