Friday, May 9, 2003

she was my muse until i choked
in the writing can: should i forget after awhile.
1. dear forum jammers, i have reworked the chorus for emo-shred. we could try it out when everyone's back. i'm trying to make it heavier. yea-arr-rrgghhh...
2. wrote a strange garage-y post-nirvanaish haunting four chord progression to be played with high mids. lp in middles position, bridge vol all the way up, tone at 8. neck vol at 8, tone at 8. ds-01 settings are tone at 2 o'clock levels 2 o'clock distortion at 4 o'clock. after this crazy 16 beat downstroke hacking, there's a slow bit which in the end climaxes into a big bona-fide ambient/distortion anthem.

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