Monday, May 12, 2003

didn't blog yesterday, or much since saturday afternoon.
as you might have guessed from vinz's blog, we are at ian's place for a little birthday gathering. we had fun, and had drinks. haha.. but no worries. we didn't make asses of ourselves. if you wanna know wot happened that night, vincent tells it best.

on sunday, well, after church and cell. i went for lunch with my folks. sloan court hotel. haha, its got a british style tarven and pretty old-school singaporean style western food. the kind where a family runs the buisness and they serve you campbell soup. it was fun, sister and i gave mom a scarf and card. well, she bought everything, heh~ i just helped pay and write in the card. we called mom "sergant sunshine". just another of those alliterations we ought to be famous for. had a haircut with my sister. went to mom's fav salon at holland village. its this hairdresser at the ntuc shack. very nice friendly bosses, and theyc ut pretty neat. so i found my new favourite place. then we went home to sleep and had dinner at le viet. it's this vietnemese style cafe / restaurant near siglap centre. dad mentioned something about east end girls always wearing shorts. haha, we scrutinsed him on that. then we went home again and watched fight club. yay!

morgan passed me blur's "think thank" and it's brilliant. í'm still listening to it, but i really love it at the moment. but yeah.. something is missing. *grin* well, let me pop back to work at three, and i'll post more perhaps.

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