Wednesday, May 14, 2003

my new title
i have been christened "the prince of the bog of eternal stench" by styra, mistress of darkness. not that i cany say i'm entirely happy about the title. i mean, do i have body odour? *shudder* anyhow, it's not as if she's made it official or black and white. but to defy the mistress of darkness would be a fate worse than death no? i can but humbly accept her royal decree...

in other news, while twenty more suspected cases of s.a.r.s have sprouted in the institute of mental health, contact tracers are busy calling suspects in an attempt to contain the virus. calling mad people? haha.. that's the army for you... my friend just got blasted by some crazy (literally) bitch : "all of you should die! all your patients should die! everyone must die! you want my particulars? all of you must die..." a fitting climax to the two and a half years of service to my great nation.

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