Saturday, May 10, 2003

eh...? faker!
just popped into work today. i tore off a blue sticker from my security pass which was supposed to imply that i already took my temperature on thursday. didn't bring my pass yesterday, so when i today came, i just took it off expecting to reset my status of "fever free". however to my horror, i didn't have to get a new sticker for a new day. ever since getting our perma-temp security passses and pasting that blue sticker on it on thursday. we didn't have to be cleared at the entrance for a fever anymore. this just does not make any sense to me.

and i dont know why i didn't gripe about this yesterday. well, when i forgot to bring my security pass and my thermometer, the lady/ah lian at the counter was like going "oooorrrrrr... you're a goner... your officer's not gonna forget you (she said it in chinese, which cannot be translated to me being effectively monolingual). i was like.. wot's the big deal man? you are supposed to take the temperatures of visitors here and i could always sign in and get a temp-temp pass from the security guards. she told me to report to my officers about the incident, and i said i would. lying thru' my socks of course. who would? anyhow, once in the room i carried on with my buisness. and she actually came in, told me she'd let me off this time and not to do it again. oh, i didn't have to report my officer (not like i would). she probably thought i would have, cuz i was quite convincing in feigning sorrow and regret

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