Thursday, May 29, 2003

sing the blues like jonny lang
honesty. that's something i always treasure. that's wot makes certain pieces of music so much more appealing than others. that's wot makes alotta things more appealing than others. i could never be a tv salesman or a stockbroker. could i be someone i was not? well, i'm just glad i don't have to think to death over these questions, cuz God's telling me not to worry too much. when it hapens, and you come to me, then we'll work it together.

i have finished watching saishu heiki kanojo. and it's really a love story at it's core. i quite liked the ending. everyone on earth died, except the protaganist. cuz his lover chise aka the ultimate weapon protected him (we don't see how). and somehow everyone on earth was killed except him. so he was the last human being on planet earth, and in some way, he lasted till the end. their love lasted till the end. and it brings up the theme that's repeated all the time : the last love song on this little planet. and still, their love goes on cuz he holds a part of their time together in his heart. in a sense, taht's a little world they can escape to. in a sense, people live on when we remember them. so their's will be the last love story until the protaganist dies of wotever causes.

'lil bit of soppy romantism in today's harsh world never really hurt did it? haha, makes me feel like i'm seventeen again.

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