Thursday, May 8, 2003

when you're on top
nobody likes you. and it ain't the wallflowers song.
i'm talking about co six or the commanding officer of sixth singapore infantry brigade. he's in charge of us, the contact tracing team. well, i don't really have any real issues with him. except that he strikes me as a very insincere person. i dunno, the way he talks to civilians is so courteous, even when they've made mistakes. but i've heard stories that no one in his unit really likes him. i'm shure if the team were all soldiers, we'd have been blasted back into satan's arse a long time ago.

and then he's scouring around the office, catching people if they skive. well, give me work and i'll do it. if not, tehn leave us be right? yesterday he caught me not doing any work. well, my team finished our tasks, and some teams haven't. so he kind of expected me to help some other team with their work. don't get me wrong, i don't mind helping, and would have if i were given work. but i'm not an officer, dont make the decisions that they do. my team leader didnt assign us any work, and i wouldnt wanna get my team to do extra if they didnt want to. anyhow, he made it seem like i was obligated to be more pro-active. i'm just a conscript, dont look at me like i have to make decisions.

but wot was even more stupid was that there were soooooooooo many other people surfing the internet, or playing online games. some fella was even snoring on the floor next to where he was sitting at! argh... and he chose me to be picked on, obligated, the bad example who was caught. thanks a lot i used to wonder if you were on top whether people automaticaly didn't like you. i seem to have more of that mentality these days. but i wish it weren't true. everyone deserves a fair trial

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