Thursday, May 22, 2003

well, that's kinda how the day at work went today. you didn't even know it was gone. oh well, lessee now. popped in at 7.30 ate the breakfast that mom packed for me. it's the pink kueh with glutinous rice and peanuts init. reheated of course. and then.. logged on, checked the blogs out, played little fighter. at about ten-thirty i finally got around to calling clifford dispensary to book an appointment for my medical examination. yay. after that, fiddled with more little fighter and then downloaded the unreal tournament demo. heard me right. i have fallen from grace and have resorted to gaming to preserve my sanity. i stunk at it too.

whilst reading the blogs, i was really struck by winston's living in narnia. it truely is amazing how he just pours out so honestly and encouragingly his walk with Christ. yeah, it brightened my day, brings me back to earth sometimes. checkit out if it means something to you :)

spin it!
untitled (opus of fifths) - lindy gerlach

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