Tuesday, May 6, 2003

quote unquote
the quote has been around since the beginning of time, and i figure it's our sorry excuse to be a copycat. oh, he once said "..." its the best thing to ever say cos 1)you wont be held responsible for the words cos someone else said it, and 2)you project yourself as a diplomatic peacelover who draws your thought from the opinions of others (rather than one-minded idiots who think their way is always right). and its the best thing to use when you're a bum (like me) cos 1)you dont even have to think it up, just rip it off and 2)even when you want to formulate your ideas you can do it based on someone else. come to think of it, every idea is derived from someone else's idea in some way or another, so i wonder how original we all are in the first place. if all of us are copycats then, who ever came up with the first original idea that started it all? a perplexing question that's been bugging me since the time i pondered what are the machines that are used to produce machines, and which machines are used to make those machines. i mean, there's no end to that- so is there one ultimate machine that started it all? ok looks like i'm quoting out of context so i'd better shut up now.

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