Sunday, April 29, 2007


i think i used to fill up all my downtimes with something to do, if not i'd feel terribly uneasy. perhaps that has been a subconscious driving force to everything i do. while i may not show it, it did make me feel somewhat guilty that i wasn't doing anything productive with my time.

but even now, whilst i'm working and keeping my weekends busy with activities, i guess i'm guilty again that i'm not doing the things i should be doing. whatever they may be. well, actually it may be something as easy as spending quality time with people. but i guess now that i'm gonna be in singapore for the next three years, i do have a significant amount of time on my hands as well.

anyway, enough ranting. i really had a swell saturday just lazing around the house then catching my friends play their gig at the esplanade. one point brilliance were brilliant as usual. the stage marred them abit, but i think the sound still cut through and it was great to see them showcase all their songs live. it was a fair amount of americana with a good dose of melody and tasteful guitars. good things in my book as far as i'm concerned. it did make me wanna gig again, so i do hope leeson gets off its arse soon and actually do something about the booming singapore music scene. fans rejoice!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

you're a hard act to follow
a man has his insecurities, and yet they try to go on thru the day, try to let the hours come and go, hoping that we don't get hurt in the process.

there are times where i just wished my job was my hobby, but yet, i don't want to spoil that. i've got a good job, i don't know if it'll pay my bills in the future, but i'm willing to give it a shot.

well, just to follow up on what Adrian was telling me yesterday.

is Chad Kroger from Nickleback the Paddle Pop Lion!?!

Friday, April 27, 2007

thumbnail your love
in case you forgot, fleetwood mac is one of my favourite bands.

big love

a stellar version of rhiannon

and one of my personal favs dreams

Thursday, April 26, 2007

my friend got funny usernic
this is what we were talking about:

brian. verses the tank! says:
brian. verses the tank! says:
dude, that's an awesome userpic
Falali Spockar says:
i did myself on Photoshop. Inspired by a real life incident in the carpark of St James last friday.
brian. verses the tank! says:
really? what happened?
Falali Spockar says:
Falali Spockar says:
brian. verses the tank! says:
brian. verses the tank! says:
brian. verses the tank! says:
hillarious dude
brian. verses the tank! says:
send me the pic leh, i must brog this

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

the fluff over the concept
well, working in the day, resting up in the evenings and going to bed at night seems to be the order of things happening to me lately. routine sets in, and my mind starts to wander. this blog as a personal space works very well for me, but i've been toying with the idea of penning some professional thoughts down on a different webspace. whatever professional thoughts mean.. somehow or rather, i don't wanna be held accountable for my words by my would be employers.

working has made me realise how much i don't want my job to be my life. or at least the thing that defines me, as a person, as a man, a measure of my worth. in fact, i don't think it should be for anyone. i think life should actually be spent living.

perhaps i'm too idealistic, but in any case, maybe it isn't wise to compartmentalise everything. work is still very much a part of life, and perhaps in the grand scheme of things.

Monday, April 23, 2007

all those ghosts i never knew
you haunt me like a bad dream.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

uffie uffie uffie

okay, you can listen to her music here. but i warn you, it's got some expletives. but i reckon she's just a really cool looking chick. so check her balls out interview below.

i think i had a really activity filled weekend. and even though i was so busy, i feel recharged because i wasn't doing anything work related. i think that's important, to separate your work from your life, if not.. you might just end up destroying whatever humanity you try desperately to preserve.

so it's wise to retire for the night early, so that we may be ready tomorrow.

quick fix

Adrian, why are you crushing dusty?

Friday, April 20, 2007

"the horror, it's the apocalypse now"
wow, i absolutely love this live version of the RJD2 classic, "the horror".

scratching like that.. you gotta be a damn genius. four turn tables and none of that computer shit.

indeed! rspkt.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

So, ive knocked off from work and im sitting on the bus reading my magazine while listening to my ipod. In my line of work we're always thinking of communication, but i find myself distracted by the possibility of being a magazine writer. Then, i wonder with thanks to moblogging i can actually write on the fly. The technology is there to not have us wait one month for an article to reach us. If say i uploaded my content now, you could actually read it the moment i hit send via an RSS feed straight into your mobile device. Imagine having content delivered so seamlessly! It just scares me as much as it excites me.

you wanna make a film, use film
i'm sitting here wondering if there will ever be a cult status video camera much like the lomo lc-a. while there's always the super 8 camera, it's not exactly feasible here in singapore where we have a distinct lack of laboratories and super 8mm film stock. so i'm just twiddling my thumbs, for something like a digital super 8, compact, cultic and enough manual shooting parameters. we'll do the rest in post.

comments from commentators
wow, working really does take up your time. the part time arrangement worked in the sense that i'd actually have time to rest up or at least hang out late and still sleep in. also, i suppose that when one works part time, the work isn't taken too seriously. not to say things aren't done professionally, but rather, it's just more carefree and easy going.

so what sorta work ethic does one take on for full time work? well, i really enjoy what i'm learning from my current organisation. it's crazy, no amount of case studies or essays or fictional communication plans prepare you for real world PR. assignments that i would normally be given a week to complete such as treatments or press releases i now do in half a day. and that doesn't count the re-drafts as well. but tough as it is, it's so much more practical learning because you see how your actions affect your teammates, clients and most importantly, the media space around us.

okay, but enough talk on the boring rant. nothing really much to update in terms of life. i grabbed a coupla drinks at Loof with some friends after dinner, and it was a minty affair with two mint based drinks, one of them being their very famous mojito. great to just kick back after a day's work. i actually feel like a yuppie. good lord.

i've been thinking of getting some new blogspace, but mainly because i'm thinking i should seriously rework the infrastructure of this blog to accommodate RSS feeds or technorati tags.. y'know.. the whole shbang to help organise this media space around. who knows? i might actually direct more traffic for people who wanna know more about the new media space we're in. well.. just a thought since i'm actually rather involved with it in work. :p

it's kinda like how yongfook directs traffic to his site by mentioning "small penis" every now and then. interesting concept for us web freeloaders.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

found you at last
okay, i just want to let you know that i'm still keeping this blog alive, just that i am really really tired after starting work full time..

Friday, April 13, 2007

she didn't know that he didn't know
well, maybe one entry before i head out. it's not much, that is the stuff that's going thru my brain. it's tiring to think too much about too many things. sometimes you just have to shut it down and take things one step at a time.

i told my mom this morning that i probably have trouble with commitments. i think i said it because every time she asked me if i was having lunch, i'd get very irritated for no particular reason. but as i sat on it for awhile, it was probably because i didn't wanna commit to a time or an action even if it would take me fifteen minutes. but at least i got it off my chest and it doesn't bother me so much anymore.

i'm about to go out and face the world. i realise how comforted and protected my home makes me feel. the familiarity of the computer, knowing my guitars are under the bed, knowing my bed is where it is. i can hide if i want to. i still have the luxury of the home being a safe haven. for some, home is hell.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

fairness comes with a not so fair price

oooohhh.. you have to watch this. it's in such stark contrast to the anti smoking campaigns singapore has been putting out. (i'll embed the australian version since they're similar)

it's interesting init? the way opinions changed over the last 40 years. now we think we're right that smoking is harmful, i wonder what things will be like 20 years down the road? maybe it will be car emissions destroying the planet we live in, and they'll use scare tactics for that.

my point is simple, that such media articles affect the way we form our opinions. nobody was thinking of throat cancer 60 years ago, and while we're concerned about CFC emissions, no one's really taking it seriously yes either. not until the next shocking advert. so how're you gonna subvert all these messages flying at you?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Good times baby, here's to all those good times! Rock on, live hard.

happy birthday jie! Love you lots because you are the best sister a brother could have.. May your flame always burn bright and for God's glory.. so cheesy right? but it just sounds like it makes sense :)

what was the smile behind his heart?
wow, i really haven't blogged in a looooooong time. i've been trying to get used to the new computer and windows vista. it's very cool, and i feel as if my absence has made me feel a bit more passionate about the reasons why i still maintain this blog.

sometimes, i think we need to take some time off from various things. if not, we let these things control us, control our thinking and our actions. slaves to regime and forgetting we're humans not machines.

i'm glad there's a space to share my thoughts, even if nobody reads, at least it's out there, waiting to be stumbled upon, or at least a part of the whole that makes the net. it's an intriguing place isn't it? the virtual landscape, as if we were all meeting in the same place at the same time. astounding.

i've been rather busy living these past few days. my interviews went well and i will be starting a new full time job this coming monday with ogilvy public relations. for some, it's a big thing, but i also try not to let my job define me too much. i hope to remain humble and you can hold me to it. there is a spirit of such gratitude and thankfulness, because to land a job such as this when i have so little experience, or did not graduate from a branded university, it heartens me that my God has provided for me and fulfills his desires in me, and also my own desires within me.

if i trusted Him to get thru my final semester, my search for a job, then that trust will learn to carry on believing in the other milestones of this life.

also, it is a welcome change, of something good happening in my life after the ups and downs i've had while in perth. from immigration woes, repeating a semester, failing in love, minor car accidents which cost a lot of money, and yet.. it's true. life is ups and downs, but the important thing is to keep trusting, that maybe there's something or someone bigger than us out there.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

well, i could try being in two places at once
apologies for the lack of updates, but even the old desktop that i resurrected seems to be acting up. for some strange, benign reason, it shuts itself down on its own! it then throws a hissy fit of nothing rebooting by beeping incessantly! what's gonna happen when i finally have kids?!?

anyway, it looks like i might be getting a new desktop soon. well, as opposed to an imac? the options are tempting, but maybe i still feel an affinity toward the pc even though a huge part of me wants to start using a macbook pro.

oh well, the week's been pretty good. we celebrated my sister's birthday yesterday and it was also good friday. i might have a job offer this coming monday and i bought some new clothes! been a long time since i've done that.

which is something i haven't experienced in awhile, having things going for me. i hate the word, but it's almost surreal. i do feel very provided by the Lord though, in fact i won't say i've been a saint since coming back to singapore, nor have i acted on the desires or promptings to serve more actively in church. but if there's one thing i've learnt, is that be honest with God, especially when we're struggling. we already put on fake smiles when we meet certain people in church, but if we're being fake to God.. well, it's hard for Him to work.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

engaging. repeat. expounding
i was reading a few articles days before about some new media forces that are at work in the world today. it's rather scary, the amount of information that gets traded back and forth between users, and i think i was getting a bit over my head in trying to understand the systems in which this information gets communicated through.

anyway, i found this on youtube, and it really is a wonderful resource for explaining fundamental differences between digital media and conventional media. the introduction text grabs you immediately and i believe the future of infocommunications lies in understanding the changing landscape brought upon by the internet and other new forms of digital communications. the agencies that bring us together, be they fiber optic cables or satellite transmissions.

either way, enjoy.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

knowing what you want from the word go
go. wait, that didn't exactly work.

Monday, April 2, 2007

he lives on in a different computer!
well, the reason why i can blog today is because i resurrected my old desktop. it was humbly sitting at the bottom of the desk waiting for a chance to show it's mantle, and finally it did when my laptop failed me. or rather, i failed my laptop.

well, a couple of things have taken me by surprise this past weekend. i've got an interview line up tomorrow. i dunno if i'm fully prepared for it, i'm even more astonished that i got granted it. i wasn't even looking for a full time job but just followed a friend's advice to send an application in to the opening position. i'll have to admit that i wasn't exactly fervently looking for career direction in my prayers, but it is very encouraging to know that even in this, the Lord provides and i guess i just wanna go in with my best attitude.

i've also been called back for reservist this wednesday till sunday. this sort of interferes with good friday and easter, but i suppose i'll find out just exactly what's going on when i report in on wednesday morning.

well, that about wraps up this post. i can't really think of anything else.