Saturday, April 7, 2007

well, i could try being in two places at once
apologies for the lack of updates, but even the old desktop that i resurrected seems to be acting up. for some strange, benign reason, it shuts itself down on its own! it then throws a hissy fit of nothing rebooting by beeping incessantly! what's gonna happen when i finally have kids?!?

anyway, it looks like i might be getting a new desktop soon. well, as opposed to an imac? the options are tempting, but maybe i still feel an affinity toward the pc even though a huge part of me wants to start using a macbook pro.

oh well, the week's been pretty good. we celebrated my sister's birthday yesterday and it was also good friday. i might have a job offer this coming monday and i bought some new clothes! been a long time since i've done that.

which is something i haven't experienced in awhile, having things going for me. i hate the word, but it's almost surreal. i do feel very provided by the Lord though, in fact i won't say i've been a saint since coming back to singapore, nor have i acted on the desires or promptings to serve more actively in church. but if there's one thing i've learnt, is that be honest with God, especially when we're struggling. we already put on fake smiles when we meet certain people in church, but if we're being fake to God.. well, it's hard for Him to work.

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