Sunday, April 29, 2007


i think i used to fill up all my downtimes with something to do, if not i'd feel terribly uneasy. perhaps that has been a subconscious driving force to everything i do. while i may not show it, it did make me feel somewhat guilty that i wasn't doing anything productive with my time.

but even now, whilst i'm working and keeping my weekends busy with activities, i guess i'm guilty again that i'm not doing the things i should be doing. whatever they may be. well, actually it may be something as easy as spending quality time with people. but i guess now that i'm gonna be in singapore for the next three years, i do have a significant amount of time on my hands as well.

anyway, enough ranting. i really had a swell saturday just lazing around the house then catching my friends play their gig at the esplanade. one point brilliance were brilliant as usual. the stage marred them abit, but i think the sound still cut through and it was great to see them showcase all their songs live. it was a fair amount of americana with a good dose of melody and tasteful guitars. good things in my book as far as i'm concerned. it did make me wanna gig again, so i do hope leeson gets off its arse soon and actually do something about the booming singapore music scene. fans rejoice!

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