Wednesday, April 11, 2007

what was the smile behind his heart?
wow, i really haven't blogged in a looooooong time. i've been trying to get used to the new computer and windows vista. it's very cool, and i feel as if my absence has made me feel a bit more passionate about the reasons why i still maintain this blog.

sometimes, i think we need to take some time off from various things. if not, we let these things control us, control our thinking and our actions. slaves to regime and forgetting we're humans not machines.

i'm glad there's a space to share my thoughts, even if nobody reads, at least it's out there, waiting to be stumbled upon, or at least a part of the whole that makes the net. it's an intriguing place isn't it? the virtual landscape, as if we were all meeting in the same place at the same time. astounding.

i've been rather busy living these past few days. my interviews went well and i will be starting a new full time job this coming monday with ogilvy public relations. for some, it's a big thing, but i also try not to let my job define me too much. i hope to remain humble and you can hold me to it. there is a spirit of such gratitude and thankfulness, because to land a job such as this when i have so little experience, or did not graduate from a branded university, it heartens me that my God has provided for me and fulfills his desires in me, and also my own desires within me.

if i trusted Him to get thru my final semester, my search for a job, then that trust will learn to carry on believing in the other milestones of this life.

also, it is a welcome change, of something good happening in my life after the ups and downs i've had while in perth. from immigration woes, repeating a semester, failing in love, minor car accidents which cost a lot of money, and yet.. it's true. life is ups and downs, but the important thing is to keep trusting, that maybe there's something or someone bigger than us out there.

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