Monday, April 2, 2007

he lives on in a different computer!
well, the reason why i can blog today is because i resurrected my old desktop. it was humbly sitting at the bottom of the desk waiting for a chance to show it's mantle, and finally it did when my laptop failed me. or rather, i failed my laptop.

well, a couple of things have taken me by surprise this past weekend. i've got an interview line up tomorrow. i dunno if i'm fully prepared for it, i'm even more astonished that i got granted it. i wasn't even looking for a full time job but just followed a friend's advice to send an application in to the opening position. i'll have to admit that i wasn't exactly fervently looking for career direction in my prayers, but it is very encouraging to know that even in this, the Lord provides and i guess i just wanna go in with my best attitude.

i've also been called back for reservist this wednesday till sunday. this sort of interferes with good friday and easter, but i suppose i'll find out just exactly what's going on when i report in on wednesday morning.

well, that about wraps up this post. i can't really think of anything else.

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