Thursday, March 29, 2007

live it up live it up
how ironic that after my perfect day of beer and buds, that once the clock went slightly after midnight, i dropped water onto my laptop whilst watching futurama. i noticed the keyboard not responding, and the screen slowly fizzle out, whilst literally, my life and her spark just poofed into a cloud of grey smoke. i don't know if it's gonna work when i go home, i can only pray. just when i was about to start applying for a particular job, this happens. just when i freed up space on my laptop so i can run my usb midi controller, this happens. i'm not one for dramatic irony or melodramatics, so why can't my life be met with peace?

in the meantime, lookout for redsportsTV, it's what's been keeping me busy and not finding myself in tubfulls of buttery mischief. yes, this is what i do.

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