Wednesday, March 7, 2007

favourite t-shirts

i have two basses in singapore now. on the left is oren iishi because of her japanese heritage being a crafted in japan fender jazz bass. i've strung her with flatwounds and she plays smooth like butter. she's old skool and has a smokey voice when she speaks. vintage goodness in a modern setting. i like that, classy and fun all at once.

the bass on the right is tentatively dubbed BB because that's her model name, the BB1500A. i first saw her when i was a young bass player, and sometime last year after years of maturity i allowed myself to woo the bass that first caught my eye. she's a deep wine red and petitie jazz style body, but the electronics she packs sends an uppercut to my jaw. she's a feisty little thing that sounds big in a small package. a modern spunk to her spark.

i really should stop talking about my basses like they were real people.

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