Tuesday, March 27, 2007

banks for robbers
it's a little under one o'clock, and though i know the time and date below won't reflect the actual entry of this blog, it doesn't stop me much. time and tide waits for no man, it just keeps going on and on, trudging through our lives like a wayward locomotive, or on the rails depending on your own little take with life.

initially, i wanted to post something long, something nice.. but now i think it will suffice by telling you that i'm still alive but i'm rather sleepy, so that will be my priority for now. hope to type about some stuff soon, it's been a while, too long awhile. pen to paper, words to screen.


Taryn said...

Good words.

brian koh said...

@taryn: Thanks! Don't really know what it was about the post, but thanks.. -)