Saturday, March 17, 2007

family ducks
i never realised. it's quite a beautiful picture, and so i choose my words carefully. i never realised just how much. do i start to put a value to these things now, then? sometimes the words just flow out, but today it's all measured. one millimeter to deep and it all falls apart. learning to live without you, learning to live. this blog is my space, and as black fills white, and activities fill time. i'm not alone and yet i feel alone. if only we didn't feel so much, perhaps we'd function slightly more, slightly better.

i've started some part time work, i'm wondering right now if this opens up the door to some other part time work. because i don't think i'm using my free time very productively, or maybe i'm not a very productive person. but you'll never find a better chill-out buddy.

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