Thursday, January 31, 2008

Facebook, you have restored my faith in you!

FINALLY! After more than 500+ notifications, facebook has finally allowed us to clear multiple application invitations.

it's about bloody time i say. yay, now facebook will be fun to use again -)))

Monday, January 28, 2008

you don't see the mess you've gotten us into. tards.

it's probably not advisable to type an entry at 1:52 in the morning, but i can't help it. i logged on, after everything was over. and it's true, everything is over and this blog really feels like dead space.

to think it used to be a glorious space of ideas, thoughts and musings, and now it's the graveyard for days gone by.

i don't think it matters to the masses, i'm probably the oxymoron of digital influence, i believe in micro-casting more than i believe in the mass media, it's just that i think i'm part of the minority, and not the wisdom of the crowds. As such, the majority will always be correct, and the lesser voices will be the wrong who think that they're right.

so much for grandiose notions of having a voice that matters, the truth is that nobody cares, and we only hear what we want to hear.

i can't trust popular opinion, i don't see why anyone else should. what does your heart say? what do the voices in your head tell you? do you listen to your soul to tell you who you are? or what other people say you are.. we have exchanged the truth for the lies of the world today.

full stop

Thursday, January 10, 2008

one of the most important lessons i'm taking into 2008

according to, Loren Feldman is their person of the year. I had to hear what he had to say about his predictions for 2008, and his predictions for all these new social media applications notwithstanding, it was his final sentence that made me realise just how important this man's voice is.

watch the video, and listen out for the clincher at the end:

"it will finally dawn on people that the most important voice on the web, is their own. not the dopes that they are following."

while it may seem ironic that i'm putting this much weight on the apparent 'dope that i'm following', it nevertheless is timely advice to us all who.. may take social media a little too seriously.

too many times, we tend to associate how popular a particular post, or how many comments its generated as the voice that matters, we try to measure an influence on what other people say.

but does one voice that disagrees against what ten thousand other voices are saying mean that it should be dis-credited? on the contrary, if that once voice were yours, as long as you believe it to be true, it matters to you. hold on to your integrity, be honest with yourself at the very least, and don't believe in a lie.

that's why i don't have advertisers on my blog, i'm not skewing my posts to attract readers, nor am i writing for more readers. at the end of the day, this is my voice and i'll be damned if someone else told me what to do with it.

one more piece of goodness by Loren here

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

what is social media?

i'm sure there are many many definitions about social media, so i shan't add to the already saturated or diluted (depends on how you look at it) pot of ideas, but if i may, i'd just like to propose in a nutshell as to what social media means to me:

when you and i produce content that is accessible to someone else, that content is social media

why is this important? it means we have the power to publish, and become something like citizen media, and hence 'social' media. available to your fellow man via the internet, wifi, wimax, mobile device.. etc only problem is, we tend to be rather unregulated, and the number of illegal porn sites should bear testament as to how deep the south is where we're standing.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Stasis 10: there is good music in Singapore

firstly, you can read some reviews of Stasis 10 by following these links here:

Review by Kevin Matthews

Review by Visa

All in all, Stasis 10 was a pretty killer gig for Leeson. It was great playing to a crowd that was there to listen to local music, and the reception they gave was very encouraging and made me glad i'm a part of this scene. We played all our songs the way we wanted to play, and i think we pulled off one of the best versions of The Simple Life.. wonder if anyone has a recording of our set.

check out pictures by Ivanified here and snaps by Perplexed here.

and to close this post, check this awesome video of my friends, Mathilda and the Motherfunkees, and tell me they do not deserve to make it big and be up there with some of the music greats internationally as well?

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

conversations with someone not on facebook

masamania says:
actually t3 on teevee yesterday wasnt so bad
masamania says:
now if anyone asks me why im not on facebook
masamania says:
i can conveniently say
masamania says:
so skynet cannot find me
brian. Optijesus Prime says:
masamania says:
i am the future leader of human resistance
brian. Optijesus Prime says:
freakhog awesome